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SUPERHOT – Funding Goal: $100,000KSW Superhot 02


The original SUPERHOT prototype emerged in August and September of last year, and quickly garnered a ridiculous amount of attention. The press – from blogs to gaming websites to YouTubers – went wild about the game, lavishing it with praise and consumers reacted in kind – the game was Greenlit in a single weekend. Seeing the exceptionally positive reaction, the developers decided to take to Kickstarter to expand the idea into a full game.

The game itself is a rather ingenious twist on the standard FPS formula. Instead of being about reactions and twitch gameplay, the world only moves when you do. So enemies, bullets and everything else only move when you perform some kind of action. It plays like an exhilarating puzzle game as much as it is a shooter – one bullet means death, and even the most minor of movements sends them hurtling faster towards you, so every action has to be carefully considered and performed with finesse. You don’t hide behind cover and take potshots at enemies. Instead, you’re out dodging shots like you’re in the Matrix, stealing guns from your enemies and taking down hordes of foes.

The team behind the game hope to greatly expand the scope of Superhot, and drastically increase the amount of content available. As well as a story-heavy campaign, they’re hoping to introduce an endless arena mode and new weapons and enemy types which will interact with the time mechanic in different ways.

SUPERHOT is already funded, sitting at a comfortable 171 percent of its initial goal, and funding will continue until June 14. Pledging $14 will get you a copy of the game, which is being developed for PC, Mac and Linux. Of course, if you’re interested, you can always check out the free version which is available here.

Kaiju-a-Gogo – Funding Goal: $50,000CADKSW Kaiju-a-Gogo 01

Kerberos Productions

It’s always fun to see games which twist the standard system of morality and cast you as the villain. The fantastically named Kaiju-a-Gogo is one such game, casting you as an evil scientist who has been shunned and insulted for their whole life. Tired of being pushed around, they create the eponymous giant monsters and set out on a quest for total world domination. You have a five year period in which to wreak havoc and outpace your rival scientists and, hopefully, bring the entire world to its knees.

The game alternates between scheming and plotting in your Secret Lair and the assaults on the cities themselves. In the latter, you control your Kaiju directly, crushing and obliterating huge chunks of urban sprawl and bringing regions under your control. Your monster gains points by wiping out cities and destroying those who would oppose you – from police to the military to giant mechs. After each attack, your Kaiju returns to your lair where you can plan your advancement, upgrade your monster and improve your base to both speed up your sinister plan and protect yourself from heroes. The game promises a lot of content, with multiple different Kaiju to choose from and different ways to advance them all, and a ton of different locations and enemies to conquer.

The project is 38% of the way to its goal and continues until June 11. Pledging $15CAD will get you a copy of the game, although there are still quite a few slots open in the $12CAD early bird tier. The game is set to be released on PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android.

Red Goddess – Funding Goal: $30,000KSW Red Goddess 01

Yanim Studio

Red Goddess casts you as Divine, a deity who is tormented by her past and something malevolent that is slowly tearing her apart from the inside out. She seeks to set things right by journeying through her own subconscious to find answers. Unfortunately, it turns out her own mind is fractured and hostile to her, and is actively working to prevent her from progressing. The world is split into two halves – Neutral Zones, which make up the surface, and Dark Zones which swirl with toxic and negative thoughts. The setting will act against her if it detects her presence, by setting up Quarantine Areas. These places are even more hostile than the rest of the world – here more enemies will spawn, doors will be sealed and additional traps will be activated. It seems to play like a Metroidvania which emphasizes being careful, though not necessarily stealthy, and precise in your actions.

Divine, too, is split into two halves – her Rage and Fear.You control one half of her mind at any one time, with the other half floating as a sphere beside your character. This can be used as a tool to solve puzzles or strike down foes, but it can also be turned against you should the world wish it. The enemies that populate the world are representations of negative thoughts, and are slowly corrupting the rest of the world. Combating them will sometimes unlock Orbs which can be used to gain access to deeper areas of Divine’s consciousness and unlock more answers.

The game is very close to being funded, and is currently at 99% of the way to being funded. The project continues until June 6. A pledge of $15 will get you a copy of the game for PC, Mac or Linux, while a pledge of $20 will get you a copy for the PS4, Vita or WiiU. A demo is available on the project page.

KSW Spotlight

Witchmarsh – Funding Goal: £50,000KSW Witchmarsh 01


Set deep in the Roaring Twenties, Witchmarsh is a game about jazz, private detectives and terrifying monsters. It’s an action RPG which claims to be a fresh take on classics like Baldur’s Gate and Wizardry which looks to make the gameplay more fluid and accessible without compromising on depth. The game casts you as a member of a team of detectives on the trail of the missing “Witchmarsh Twelve,” who vanished under mysterious circumstances. Of course, things aren’t as simple as people just going missing – things slowly spiral out of control as more and more supernatural elements begin to crawl out of the woodwork. There’s a definite Lovecraft vibe to proceedings, which is helped by it being set in New England and featuring unexplainable mysteries, but it’s all tempered by a sense of fun.

KSW Witchmarsh 02The game plays like a mix of sidescrolling action games and traditional, party-based RPGs. Combat itself looks to be very satisfying. It’s fluid and responsive, with a nice mix of  melee and ranged fighting and enough maneuverability to move between the two and out of harm’s way with ease. The roleplaying side of things looks equally satisfying, with branching dialog trees that hint at multiple ways to approach situations and intriguing interactions between the different detectives in your party. Beyond this, there are also plans for cooperative features which should allow for 2-4 friends to play through the game together.

There’s a wide variety of classes and abilities to choose from as well, and a good deal of customizability to character creation. You create your party by choosing  from a number of investigators, who range from simple things like an Innkeeper or Trapper to something distinctly more alien like the Guardian, before assigning points to your attributes and gaining various skills and abilities throughout the game. There’s no real limit to what you can create – Investigators are less of a character class and more of a basic template. There are five ability schools and five attributes in the game, and these all interact in unique ways with each other. All told, there are eleven planned investigators and more than 50 skills and, with the number of ways these can interact and change how both combat and exploration play out, there should be a huge variety to each playthrough of Witchmarsh.

KSW Witchmarsh 04Everything about the game seems utterly gorgeous as well. The crisp and clean pixelated graphics . The music, too, should be excellent. It’s being composed by Francisco Cerda, the mind behind soundtracks like Gunpoint and Jamestown and, if the trailer is any indication, it will feature some incredible jazz and swing which should help set the initial tone and period of the game nicely.

Witchmarsh is currently 67% of the way to its goal, and funding continues until June 15. A pledge of £10 will get you a copy of the game, and it is currently planned on being released on PC and Mac.

KSW Update

Heart Forth, Alicia by Alonso MartinKSW Heart Forth, Alicia Update

Heart Forth, Alicia was funded, finishing at 387 percent of its initial goal. A lot of stretch goals were reached, including Mac, Linux, Playstation 4 and WiiU versions of the game and a large chunk of additional content.

Inspire Me by Blyts

Funding for Inspire Me was cancelled shortly before the project hit its deadline, as it looked very unlikely to be successful. Blyts have promised to continue developing the game and to bring it back to the public at a later date.

Nekro by darkForge GamesKSW Nekro

Alice O’Connel, one of our new contributors, recently wrote about her experiences with Nekro.

Popup Dungeons by Triple.B.Titles

The project was successful, ending at 126 percent of its goal. Two stretch goals were reached – more tile sets for the dungeons and a WiiU version of the game.

Salvaged by Opposable GamesKSW Salvaged Update

Salvaged was unsuccessful, finishing at 16 percent of its goal. Opposable Games hope to continue developing the game, and have encouraged fans of the game to continue to support it over on their forums.

Wasteland 2 by inXile Entertainment

In their latest update, inXile has confirmed that Wasteland 2 will be released in August this year. They have also updated the beta to include the final Arizona map – the beta now contains around 50% of the final game’s content.