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Beyond being a candidate for the Best Game Name award of 2014, BEARZERKERS is a hilarious looking local multiplayer game. It’s based on a game jam concept which was called Pandamonium which you can check out here, and is being developed into a full game. You and your friends are cast not necessarily as bears, but as tiny little critters like armadillos, hedgehogs or badgers. There is a rampaging bear on the loose and your goal is to outlast your friends, using a number of powerups and dirty tricks to save your hide and trap your friends with the ursine menace.

There are a number of gamemodes included, which range from ‘standard’ last-man standing vs monstrous bears to navigating through labyrinthine structures filled with deathraps. One mode even lets two players control the bears and slaughter their friends. There’s also a ton of powerups – you can become a stealthy shadow, build walls around you, dig beneath the ground, run at super speeds, or more. There’s a lot of variety on offer and it promises to be a great deal of fun for all involved. The only worry I have is that it’s local only – this is the sort of thing that would benefit from online multiplayer. Fortunately, that’s included as a stretch goal down the road.

The game is currently 11 percent of the way to its goal, with funding continuing until July 3rd. Pledging $10AUD will get you a copy of the game on release, although there are still slots open on the $7AUD Early Bird tier. The game is being developed for PC, Mac and Linux.

Together – Funding Goal: $10,000Together 03

Lyle Cox

Designed with cooperative play as the central focus, Together is a slightly odd puzzle game. The puzzles require the players to cooperate and communicate with one another to progress. You need to help each other move through areas and avoid or overcome obstacles. Every action either helps both parties or hurts them both. There’s no singleplayer and no online multiplayer – it’s local coop only – but this is intentional.

The game is about building relationships, and how empathy and interdependence act as the building blocks to positive relationships. The game is designed to allow anyone to play and experience it, and learn its lessons – it’s simple to get into and it can be played on a single keyboard or controllers. The core theme of relationships is evident in even the most basic parts of the game – the game’s very premise is about family. The game is about a mother and son who are journeying out into a mysterious, dangerous forest to save their daughter/sister.

Together is 39 percent of the way to being funded, and ends on July 1. Pledging $15 will get you access to the game on release, although there is still some space left in the $10 Early Bird tier. The game is being developed for PC, with additional platforms being potential stretch goals.

FranknJohn – Funding Goal: £30,000KSW FranknJohn 01

bitSmith Games

FranknJohn is, appropriately enough, a mash-up of genres – it’s a beat-em-up mixed with a Roguelike. It takes place in an old mansion filled with monsters ripped straight from B-movies, and casts you as the eponymous failed experiment of an evil scientist. Freshly risen from the grave, you must explore the house and wade through hordes of enemies, with only your decapitated head for help.

The combat is a curious affair – rather than a sword or some form of projectile, you fight by swinging around your detatched cranium on a chain. The fighting is impressively dynamic, allowing you to smash enemies into environmental dangers like flame spouts or moving saws. The primary sort of loot you’ll encounter in FranknJohn is just as silly and grisly as the rest of the game. You find Skullcaps which change what your head can do and change combat significantly – one lets you breathe fire, for instance, while another lets you inflate your head to smash into more foes. You can also pick up and replace your other body parts for other, more passive bonuses.

The project is currently 15 percent of the way to its goal, and funding continues until July 9. A pledge of £10 will get you a Steam key for the game alongside Early Access, although there are currently still some slots open in the £8 Early Bird tier. The game is set to be released on PC, Mac and Linux.

KSW Spotlight

A Song for Viggo – Funding Goal: $20,000Song For Viggo 01


A Song for Viggo is an adventure game about the events that occur in the wake of a tragedy, depression and the fragility of normal life. The game is presented in a unique manner – everything in the game, from the city to the characters who inhabit it, is made from paper. The developer has handcrafted every piece of the environment to create a deeply atmospheric and striking aesthetic.

You play as a man struggling to cope and hold his life together after the death of his son, the eponymous Viggo. The puzzles you need to solve and the choices you make aren’t typical video game scenarios – instead they can be things as dealing with grief and keeping the household and family intact. The issues you face are primarily psychological in nature.

Song For Viggo 02A Song for Viggo is planned to consist of five chapters. Each chapter will focus on a different struggle the family faces after Viggo’s death. The choices you make will flow naturally with the narrative as you explore the city and interact with friends and family, and will have severe effects. Your choices can change and warp your family relationships and how they talk to you.

The issues handled by the game are obvious serious ones,
and ones that affect a lot of people in the real world. Depression, familial strife, suicide and the loss of a loved one are real problems and something games generally either botch or stay
away from entirely. Fortunately, the developers seem to be handling it with care – they are taking on board advice from people who have suffered tragedies and been in situations like the one the game portrays. And, ultimately, one aim of A Song for Viggo is to reach out to those who are suffering and let them know that they aren’t as alone as they might feel.

A Song for Viggo is 14 percent of the way to its goal, and will continue until June 29. Pledging $10 will get you a copy of the game upon release.

KSW Update

KSW Mr FiskersMr Fiskers by FexLabs

Funding was cancelled on May 14. The developers are aiming to either reduce the scope of the game or find an alternative form of funding to make releasing it more viable.

Pann the Game by Glass Cannon Entertainment.

The project was cancelled on June 28.KSW The Old City

The Old City
by PostMod Softworks

Funding was cancelled on May 21. The developer hopes to relaunch a campaign and gain more traction sometime after E3.