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Bulb Boy – Funding Goal: $40,000Bulb Boy 02

Bulb Boy Team

Bulb Boy casts you as, charmingly but perhaps unsurprisingly, a young boy with a lightbulb for his head. He lives with his GrandParaffin and Mothdog in a large mansion in the countryside. This quiet, quaint life comes screeching to a halt, of course, as darkness descends over the house and household objects come to life and begin to perform various nefarious deeds. In contrast with the cutesy stylings of the main cast, the monster design looks brilliantly horrid – the house is inhabited with things from possessed stuffed toys and swarms of flesh eating moths to the gruesome, headless corpse of a chicken who is desperate to snuff out all sources of light. Each room of the house has its own puzzles and foes to overcome, and each floor also has its own boss.

The game takes elements of point and click adventure games, like collecting and using items to solve puzzles, and combines them with other features, such as getting stronger and unlocking new abilities. Maybe the most interesting aspect of gameplay involves removing the protagonist’s head – you can decapitate yourself to solve a number of puzzles. You can take off your head and hide it, removing the source of light, to avoid the attention of nearby monsters. You can also use your severed head on various contraptions around the house, taking control of them. That’s just the tip of the iceberg too – there’s a ton of other powers you’ll unearth in your trip through the house, and there’s a lot of other twists in the gameplay to keep things interesting as well.

Bulb Boy is currently 8 percent of the way to being funded, and funding continues until July 27. Pledging $15 will get you access to a copy of the game, which is planned for release on PC, Mac and Linux and, in the future, iOS and Android. There’s also a demo available for the game here.

HomeMake – Funding Goal: $15,000Homemake 04

Franklin Cosgrove & Archgame

HomeMake is a unique platformer about exploring a neon, scifi cityscape. The game is set on Galaxy SEED Sumimoto, an inverted planet that consists of one huge, glowing city. This city is central to the game – so much so, in fact, that the developers have stated that it’s the main protagonist. The city is inhabited by multiple residents, from robots to people to stray animals, and you can swap between them as you see fit. Each avatar sees the city in a different way, and can travel the streets and rooftops in their own way.

Homemake 01That’s the core concept behind the game – each inhabitant of the city sees it in a different way. Their experiences, skills and biases colour their perception of the shifting city around them. Changing avatars not only allows you to access new abilities, such as different ways to leap between buildings or different weapons to use in combat, but also changes how the city looks and behaves – colours and structures will morph. The city is constantly changing, so the world is full of new stuff to explore, and the player can maneuver around the city at their own pace. It’s an intriguing concept for sure.

HomeMake is 86 percent of the way to its goal and funding continues until July 10. Pledging $10 will get you access to the game on release. It’s being developed for PC, Mac and Linux, but the developers hope to bring it to other platforms as well.

Temporus – Funding Goal: $20,000Temporus 01

Firebelly Studios

Temporus is a mashup of lots of genres – it borrows heavily from platformers, RPGs, adventure games and shooters among other things. You are cast as a miner from the eponymous planet who is currently part of a work group extracting ore from deep space. Your ship is attacked by a mysterious force, an act of hostility that is completely alien to the tranquil people of Temporus, and you retreat, only to find the planet abandoned and ruined. You and your crew must go out in search of answers and a solution to the situation. Things quickly escalate as you uncover more and more hidden secrets – you’ll unearth ancient objects and technologies that can be useful in determining the fate of the entire universe.

The mishmash of genres shows up, obviously enough, when it comes to actually playing the game. The core structure of Temporus is based around finding artefacts. Each level tasks you with finding certain items which will help you towards your longer term goals, and the developers have made sure to stress that the game won’t devolve into a banal collect-a-thon. The gameplay switches between exploration and platforming to what appears to be bullet hell-esque shooting galleries, and tons of other scenarios – things are varied enough to keep it all exciting. Beyond that, the developers have stressed that you’ll need to manage your time and resources, and every action you take will count.

The game is 24 percent of the way to being funded, and the project will continue until July 21. A pledge of $10 will get you a copy of the game, which is planned to be released on PC, Mac and Linux.

KSW Spotlight

Twin Souls: The Path of Shadows – Funding Goal: $70,000

Twin Souls 05

Lince Works

A third person stealth game that was borne partially from frustration with modern stealth games, Twin Souls is an interesting and ambitious title. You play as Aragami, an undead warrior and spirit of vengeance, who was summoned to the world of the living by Yamiko, a little girl trapped inside a gargantuan fortress. The game takes place in a world where humans have found ways to control and manipulate the elements. This control quickly lead to people founding like-minded groups based on a single element which, inevitably, came into conflict with one another. Your actions in the game will not only determine the fates of both yourself and Yamiko, but also unearth the history of the world and the protagonist.

Twin Souls 10Unlike a lot of other modern stealth games, Twin Souls prioritizes being careful with your actions. Even though your arsenal certainly isn’t mortal or mundane, at the end of the day you’re still vastly outnumbered and outmatched. This isn’t the sort of game where you can take on the entire city guard at once, à la Assassin’s Creed, – instead, you have to use your environment to your advantage and carefully consider your approach. Fortunately, you do have more than a few swords available to you. Your character comes with their own magical powers, some of which draw from Dishonored and Portal. You can create your own pools of darkness around the world which you can teleport to, but that’s maybe the most mundane of your abilities. You can also possess guards or create shadowy duplicates of yourself to spread misinformation or panic.  Sticking to the shadows is a much more enticing prospect when you can control those shadows.

Twin Souls 2

This extra maneuverability and the variety of abilities gives you a lot more options with how you approach a given challenge – there are multiple different ways to wipe out the guards ahead of you, and you can just as easily avoid them entirely with a good deal of skill. The game is designed to be very open, with each scenario having multiple outcomes. Given the multitude of possible approaches, there’s a good deal of replayability to be found if you want to try out different playstyles.

Twin Souls is currently 27 percent of the way to being funded, with funding continuing until July 17. Pledging $20 will get you access to the game on PC, Mac or Windows, while a pledge of $25 will allow you to get a copy on the PS4, Xbox One or WiiU.

KSW Update

KSW Farrah Rogue 01Farrah Rogue by Epsilon Studios

Funding for Farrah Rogue was cancelled on June 7, with the developers stating that they brought the game to the public too early and made some mistakes with their project. They plan to bring it back to Kickstarter in the near future.

A Song For Viggo by SaintandSimon

KSW Together 01A Song For Viggo was funded, ending at 107 percent of its goal. Indie Haven spoke with Simon Karlsson recently about the controversy surrounding the game.

Together by Lyle Cox

The project was successful, finishing up at 140 percent of its initial goal.

Divinity: Original Sin by Larian Studios

The newest entry in the long-running Divinity series was officially released on June 30, after several months on Early Access. The game is a massive, sprawling RPG, and something of a return to more traditional RPG mechanics after the more action-oriented Divinity 2KSW Shovel Knight and the brilliant absurdity of Dragon Commander. You can find it here.

Shovel Knight by Yacht Club Games

Shovel Knight was released as something of a surprise on June 26. The game is an action platformer with a lot of throwbacks classics from the NES and SNES. You can find the game here.