Prush – Funding Goal: $9235 USD/$12,000 CAD937cae265d2a75aa01c2beabb5591d51_original


Platformers are pretty common in the world of indie games, but for good reason: developers can do interesting things with them. Take Prush, for example. This game sees you playing as Hans, a university student navigating his own dreams. Along the way, he gains several abilities to help him through this world, like a paint brush for modifying his environment, and time manipulation abilities a la Braid.

In fact, Prush looks like it’s taking a lot from Braid. The visuals, the gameplay, the tone – all of it is reminiscent of Braid. It starts to feel a little on-the-nose when the developers say, “we hope the story will make the player think twice about any actions the player may want to take to advance the game.” But I don’t mean to criticize Prush; if it’s borrowing from Braid, then it’s borrowing all the right things. The game sports a cartoony yet lush aesthetic, and the gameplay looks easy to understand without limiting its depth. With Prush selling itself as a more action-oriented game, there’s enough to differentiate this game from Braid.

Having accrued $369 USD already, Prush sits at about 4% of its funding goal, which ends on September 8. A $6 CAD ($5 USD) pledge will get you a copy of the game. While no platforms have been announced yet, the estimate release date isApril 2016.

— Brian Crimmins

One Dreamer – Funding Goal $25,000

Gareth Ffoulkes

Dream-IslandOne Dreamer is a pixel based psychological adventure game that puts players in the role of Frank an aspiring Indie Developer. In an effort to find inspiration for his new game, Frank has decided to explore his own consciousness whilst lucid dreaming. But the deeper he goes into the twisted realms of his dreamscape, the more he starts to disconnect with reality.

A unique feature of One Dreamer is that it has two set gameplay styles.

When Frank is awake players get to play detective as they learn more about Frank, solve puzzles and interact with elements in his apartment like his computer. But when he’s asleep gameplay changes into faster paced platforming, Last of Us styled stealth sections, character switching, crafting and rope climbing sections.

There’s also multiple endings that depend on the actions performed in and outside of Franks dreamscape.

One Dreamer is just over 80% of the way to its funding goal and minimum backers of $10 will receive a DRM copy of the game. It’s being developed for Mac and PC, and should they reach additional stretch goals they will be looking for a PS4 and PlayStation Vita launch too.

—  Matt Mckeown

Circuit BreakersFunding Goal: $5,500


Twin-stick shooters have become very popular in recent years, and while many try to redefine the genre, Circuit Breakers is the opposite. This is isn’t to say anything against it, though; it’s very simple at its core and focuses on co-op matches where players are swarmed with tons of enemies. During gameplay, players can choose between four characters before being dropped into small battlefields, fighting friend and foe to secure weapon-fueling crystals. Between the trailer and game demo, it seems to be fairly well into development – co-op mechanics, controller recognition, and tons of polish are already in place. That being said, existing material is lacking in content and that’s what this Kickstarter aims to fix.

Circuit Breakers is currently at 25% of its funding goal, so make sure to check it out before it expires on August 5th. Minimum pledges are $5, which is a pretty good value for a game that hopes to be as feature-rich as Circuit Breakers, (hopefully) coming to PC, Mac, and OSX October 2015.

— Dakota Corley