Mooncrest – Funding Goal: $400,000

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Mooncrest is a story-based fantasy RPG with real-time tactical combat, formidable puzzles and a character driven narrative focussing around a paladin, Sera, and a streetwise outcast, Pirotase. Together these two unveil a conspiracy that puts their city at harm, at the same time delving into the complexities of both characters. The game intends to be an homage to a number of popular Neverwinter Nights mods with a revised story and enhanced gameplay.

The developers of the game, KnightMayor, are former developers for Bioware and hope to revive the classic pen and paper RPG that Bioware was known for in their early years. With 20 years of AAA game development experience, Mooncrest is a game to look out for.

Out of the $400,000 KingMayor hopes to raise, just over 10% has been funded so far totalling $46,068 by 1,303 backers with 24 days remaining. The project requires the full amount to access the game and will be released on Windows PC if successful. There is also a stretch goal to port the game to Linux and Mac for $425,000.

–Liam Padfield


Everspace – Funding Goal: $225,000

Rockfish Games

Everspace_KS_Screenshot_017-1030x579Everspace is a space combat rogue-like with persistent progression and non-linear story. In it you’ll have to dogfight against enemy star-ships, harvest asteroids for valuable resources and slowly upgrade your ship to meet the ever-growing challenges the universe throws at you.

While rogue-likes are all the rage nowadays particularly in the indie scene, almost none of them are space-sims as well. We’re set to see many other space sims over the next couple years but none of them appear to be doing what Everspace is, making it that bit more interesting for space enthusiasts.

With 30 days to reach their funding goal of $225,000, Rockfish have almost raised 40% of their target already. Stretch goals for the project include such things as a Linux port at $300,000 to Xbox One and PS4 versions at $800,000 with further stretch goals set for announcement if reaching those targets becomes feasible.

— Robert Edwards


SYSTOLE – Funding Goal: $55,000

CoCo: Collective Consciousness4


SYSTOLE is an acrobatic 2.5D platformer set in a twisted robotic world. Players take control of a small robot who boots up inside The Mother World, an enormous mechanical system, and explore an open world to discover the events that lead to your creation. Magnetism is the core mechanic of SYSTOLE – the player switches between positive and negative charges to launch themselves from poles, attach to surfaces and propel themselves from platforms to reach new areas. Enemies can be taken out by setting traps that use their own magnetic fields against them, or employed as weapons or shields.

SYSTOLE promises some interesting methods of storytelling. Citing Limbo as inspiration, the project uses environmental cues rather than dialogue to tell its story. On the adventure players will find the memory fragments of inoperable robots to reveal the history of the game’s world and the setting locations have organic names like The Heart Temple and The Stomach Foundry, giving the impression that the setting is a conscious being made of steel and wire.

Systole is currently sitting at $455 with 23 days remaining to reach its goal and a $10 pledge will score you a copy of the completed game. The many stretch goals include an additional playable character and a Multiplayer deathmatch mode. The team aims to bring the project to PC, PS4, Xbox One and Wii U. You can also download a free demo of SYSTOLE on their Kickstarter page.

— Simon Rankin

  • alisdair ross

    A true shame not to see Mooncrest hit it’s goal but as they said they didn’t sell the game nor show anything they had. Hope they learn and come back but as former Bio-ware dev you would think they would know how to sell a project.