This week we’re blessed with a blast from the past and a plane crash. Oh, don’t worry no one is dead… yet. Kickstarter Weekly volume six go!

new this week

e2d4be3dfafc0440a21e5d1eed718c50_largeStasis – Funding Goal: $100,000

The Brotherhood Games

Combine the aesthetics of Alien, the isometric perspective of classic Fallout, point-and-click puzzle gameplay of Monkey Island and you get Stasis. The story centers on John Maracheck, a man trying to save his family while navigating a desolate spacecraft. Creator Christopher Bsichoff emphasizes his intent to reinvigorate the “mature isometric” genre of games like Wasteland. The Brotherhood Games is seeking $100,000 by Dec. 7. For a contribution of $19, backers will get a digital copy of the game upon release and access to a developer forum.

“This looks like the best space-horror title since System Shock 2.” – Andre

Deathfire: Ruins of Nethermore – Funding Goal: $390,000

G3 Studios

Other than triple-A franchises like the Elder Scrolls, it isn’t often you see a first-person role-playing game.b611efcba7a6db026549f0ba5eba9736_large G3 Studios is looking to remedy this with Deathfire: Ruins of Nethermore. It features all the dungeon crawling, strategic combat, and intense character building fans of the genre could hope for. Additionally, it takes place in a detailed 3D world. G3 Studios is seeking $390,000 by Dec. 7 to successfully fund Deathfire. For $20, backers will receive a digital copy of the game as well as beta access during development.

“If you want some traditional fantasy RPG goodness, this definitely scratches that itch.” – Andre

Bullet Bros – Funding Goal: $80,000

Jason Stokes
4745e64244a2254334b4c11abe11371f_largeDeveloper Jason Stokes takes all the best elements of Contra, bro code and good old gravity. Yes, it is that awesome. Bullet Bros is pure delicious chaos. Team work is key in Bullet Bros, putting players in positions that question the very relationship between these bros. Vehicular carnage will play a major role, but Stokes changes what we’ve come to expect from driving by introducing physics-based environments. Essentially you can swing from mountain to mountain. Bullet Bros will release on PC, if Stokes reaches his goal of $80,000. For a modest $10, backers get a DRM-free copy of the game.

“My initial reaction to Bullet Bros isn’t coherent enough to write into words, so let’s just say I was flabbergasted. Back this game!” – Adam

Dino Run 2 – Funding Goal: $175,000


Let’s face it; there can never be enough games about dinosaurs.8082a1a6b4789dd8dc2f440235aa8eac_large Following on the heels of its hit predecessor, Dino Run 2 offers more prehistoric racing madness. With a gorgeous 8-bit aesthetic, awesome chip-tune score, and tense platforming gameplay Dino Run 2 is sure to interest anyone with a love for classic gaming or even just prehistoric shenanigans. Pixeljam needs $175,000 by Dec. 5 to fund Dino Run 2. For $10, backers receive a DRM-Free copy of the game at release.

“MUST GO FASTER! Really though, I am genuinely excited for this gem of a game.” – Andre


Dyscourse – Funding Goal: $40,000

Owlchemy Labs

f05714ea73d04011ddf740c7cc1debec_largeIf Lost was a video game, it would be called Dyscourse and would feature less smoke monsters, purgatory and Jorge Garcia. Look! The show was confusing and needed more Dominic Monaghan. God bless that Hobbit. Anyways, Owlchemy Labs’ Dyscource, as you may have guessed, follows a group of strangers, after crash landing on an island.

Choice is the life blood behind Dyscourse. Choosing incorrectly, could result in dire consequences or make it rain ponies (it won’t really rain ponies, but feel free to integrate it into the game Owlchemy.) Real world consequences add such a great dynamic to games. It gives players a reason to care about their characters and companions… a connection that is so important to storytelling.


For those who have followed this feature from its birth (you’re all getting Christmas cards,) you’ll know I’m a sucker for art design. So many modern games ignore colour for that “reality effect,” but I hate reality. That’s why I play video games. If I want to stare at a graphically realistic tree, I’ll look outside. Instead, I want to stare at a tree that’s crafted from layers of paper… vibrant with the colours of autumn or an obscure dye scheme. Dyscource nails it. I applaud you Carrie Witt. Your choice to include shadows develops depth… and I can’t stop staring. I apologize.


Owlchemy needs $40,000, by Dec. 6. The initial release of Dyscourse, would be on Linux, Mac and PC.

Tiers and Rewards:

Passenger: For $15, backers get the game on Steam, plus a DRM-free download.

Well-Dressed Traveler: For $65, backers get a Dyscourse t-shirt, steam key and all previous Owlchemy Lab’s Steam titles.

Luggage Traveler: For a limited time, backers can get a retro style metal suitcase and flask for $100.

Pampered Traveler: Fly out to Boston and buy the Owlchemy team dinner, all for $10,000. No I’m not kidding.


(DNF) Liora – Raised: $6,722 of $25,000

Trinity Wasteland

(DNF) Dreamland Delivery and the Nightmare Knight – Raised: $7,558 of $95,000

Puca Studios

(DNF) Project Horizon – Raised: $1,173 of $86,000

Team Horizon