If you’ve attended any games festivals and conventions in the past couple of years, you may have had a go at playing a game called Ultra Neon Tactics, a competitive local multiplayer game where you strategically collect, place, and dodge spinning laser beams in order to rack up more points than your opponent. It was a prototype game developed in 2013 by John Ribbins, Creative Director of independent studio Roll7 who you may know as the guys behind Olli Olli and Not a Hero. Now, it’s called Laser League.

They go into more detail about the background of Laser League in a Developer Diary video, discussing how at every step of the way, members of the public and various journalists pushed them to work more on the game.

As well as donning a fresh lick of paint in the form of 3D graphics, Roll7 in conjunction with 505 Games have announced closed multiplayer beta. It’ll begin this Friday on the 27th October and will run into Sunday. Steam keys are being offered to a limited number of people based in Europe and North America, and you’ll get a key that’ll give you the opportunity to take part, as well as offline play when the servers aren’t up. You can sign up for the chance of being involved by going to the Laser League website.

It looks pretty snazzy, and while I’ve not had the chance to get my hands on the game in its current iteration, I get the impression that it’s an experience that I’ll enjoy. Stay tuned for more news and coverage.

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