A little while back we ran a competition here on Indie Haven to win a huge batch of rare Lone Survivor prizes by telling us what scared you most and, now that entrants have responded, we can announce who won the top prize as well as our five runner up prizes.

Our first place winner, who wins himself a physical edition of Lone Survivor, a signed print and a Sleepy Cat plush is Twitter user @Pinni137, with his creepy entry which certainly hit close to home for me.

He said “What scares me the most is the idea of not being able to use my hands anymore, whether it be an actual physical loss or nerve damage. I am an avid artist, musician, and writer and depend a lot on my hands. If I could no longer use my hands I don’t think I could last very long.”


Our five runners up, each recieving a code for the game, were…

Rowan Abraham, who tweeted “My biggest fear is never having enough great indie games on my new PS Vita, like  Guacamelee and Hotline Miami and more!!”.

@BoyofBacon, who has Trypophobia, a fear of small holes and sent us this scary picture.


@Marcusboi, who is scared of the huge and vast darkness of the Galaxy.


@linksawake, whose picture of a killer under the bed might just keep me up for weeks.


And lastly @Naosabesnao on Twitter, who sent us whatever this thing in the picture below is. No idea what it’s meant to be, but I’d run if I saw it.



There you have it. Thank you to everyone who entered and congratulations to all our winners. They have been contacted via Twitter and will receive their prizes in the near future.

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    still waiting. very excited to play it.