The developers behind Monument Valley, ustwo, have a new game and it’s coming out soon.  Land’s End will launch October 30th on the Oculus Home portal, but will only be available to those with a Samsung Galaxy S6 and Gear VR headsets.  You might say it’s a niche audience.

While Land’s End plays different than Monument Valley due to the differences between touchscreen and VR hardware, there is a lot of similarities between the aesthetics.  Watch the trailer, and you’ll quickly see why designer Ken Wong has described the game as “a spiritual cousin to Monument Valley”

There are likely to be plenty of Monument Valley fans who will be disappointed with the news that such specific hardware is required to play the “spiritual cousin” to such an award winning and commercially successful product, but as we march ever-further into the VR future it is interesting to see which developers gravitate toward the new hardware.


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