Renowned developer and indie publisher Team17 are partnering with Chinese developer Pathea Games to bring the full release of My Time at Portia to PC and consoles.

A preview of the game ranging 6-8 hours of gameplay has been available on places like, and there are plenty of content producers on YouTube singing the game’s praises, so it’s nice to see that a successful indie publisher is giving Pathea assistance in the distribution. CEO of Team17 Debbie Bestwick said that “it’s exciting to work with a talented studio in a region with an emerging indie development scene. We’re thrilled to be supporting them in their development roadmap.”

Many have described My Time at Portia as a “3D Stardew Valley,” and it seems to be quite a good description of the game, with resource collection, farming, and interactions with the countless villagers living in the town of Portia. The developers are also promising dungeons to crawl through, making use of a combat mechanic that breaks from the Stardew comparison and starts to blend in elements of games like The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, especially with the game’s minimalist, cartoon-ish art style.

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The news of Pathea’s partnership with Team17 came in the remaining 8 days of My Time at Portia‘s Kickstarter campaign. It’s unclear as to the circumstances surrounding the funding of this campaign and the extent at which Team17 will be aiding Pathea with funding, but President of the company Zifei Wu said that “We’re hugely grateful to the support and enthusiasm of the backers of our campaign so far and the Alpha build we shared was just a very small taste of the world we’re going to create.”

I’ve been keeping an eye on My Time at Portia, and while I’ve not had the opportunity to play the Alpha build for myself, I’m certainly going to try and make the time to do so.

  • The dithered banner and GIFs (though too small to see) appear to me much higher quality products. Shiny says cheap. These others say painterly.