Video games have allowed us to play as quite a few strange things, including: rocks, goats and a number of other odd simulation games. Bossa Studios is looking to up the ante.

Bossa Studios, developers of the Surgeon Simulator game, announced its new game today via Twitter, which has a slice of bread cast as the protagonist.

I am Bread will tell “[t]he beautiful story of one slice of bread’s epic and emotional journey as it embarks upon a quest to become toasted,” according to the trailer’s description on YouTube.

The trailer shows an Xbox controller being used, though it’s unclear if it is coming to one of Microsoft’s consoles, or if one of its controllers is being used on a PC. Bossa Studios tweeted a Vine of I am Bread‘s gameplay back in September during the game jam where the idea possibly originated.

We reviewed Surgeon Simulator 2013 last year, and it made it onto editor Laura Kate’s list of Top 5 Employment Simulators. Both are worth a read if you’re wondering what to expect out of I am Bread.

Source: Bossa Studios via: Polygon

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