All of our trailers this week follow this theme of chaos. They might look like everything is under control. But no. Everything is falling apart. Entrails are coming out of places they shouldn’t be coming out. And when it seems alright, that’s when nothing is alright.


Penarium – Launch trailer 

“Watch Willy as he dies…” An impressive circus announcer charms us with spectacle as we watch platforming failures with hilariously chunky spilling sound effects. Impressive work. It even has a stinger at the end!

Penarium is out now on Steam and PS4.


Cibele Release Date Trailer 

Cibele’s creator, Nina Freeman, undresses throughout this trailer. It made me feel very uncomfortable. The eerie music doesn’t help. But that’s what the game is about: strange sexual connections with people over the internet. The discomfort is fitting as a follow-up to how do you Do it, which simulated a pre-teen mashing Barbie & Ken dolls together to “figure it out.”

Cibele is out now on Steam.


No Man’s Sky – Release Date Trailer

I don’t think this one needs too much of an introduction. I’m just excited to see that we now have a launch window. Still, the narrator and sound design just pull me in. Love that line, “Planets, rich in resources.”

No Man’s Sky comes to PC and PS4 June 2016.


Rivals of Aether – Early Access Trailer

Rivals of Aether seems committed to bring us a true Smash-like experience via Steam. This trailer focuses on high-level gameplay and combo-juggling. I don’t expect anybody to be that good when it officially launches. But it’s nice to see that the developers have long-term plans for the game’s depth.

Rivals of Aether is out now on Steam Early Access.


Stay, Mum – Trailer

There’s not too many games about a mom having to leave for work and little kids being sad about it. I think this is a puzzle game. But the emotional gut-punch of this trailer sticks to my ribs a little.

Stay, Mum is out now on iOS.


Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide – Release Trailer

This trailer does  production, narration, and tone, disgustingly well. I usually need a lot more gameplay footage to feel like a trailer can grab me. But this one gives me a great idea of what we’re gonna be doing in this one: killing lots of giant mutant zombie rats — with friends.

Warhammer: The End Times – Vermintide is out now on Steam and coming soon to PS4 and Xbox One.


Child of Cooper – Gameplay Trailer

I’m hooked on anything Might & Delight does purely because of Shelter and Shelter 2. But this one looks something more like Dishonored. And that has me even more intrigued. There’s a lot of sneaking in the shadows going on here. And I like it. Child of Cooper isn’t the most memorable name, though.


Viscera: Cleanup Detail  – Launch Trailer

The day wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t get to pick up chopped-up human bits. You can’t help but appreciate the simple absurdity of cleaning up after an action hero’s mess. Space janitors for the win!

Viscera Cleanup Detail is out now on Steam.