Now that the sordid nightmare of University obligations that myself and some of the other writers here at Indie Haven is over, it’s time to get right back into the swing of things. And what better a way than to tell you all about some of this week’s upcoming indie games that we’ve got our eyes on?


05/07/2017 – Time Golf Squad

From Ponywolf, developers of story-driven sci-fi fantasy shooter Skipchaser, comes Time Golf Squad, which looks like a funky fusion of Bravest Warriors, the 1980’s and… golf. You control a team of four time-travelling warriors on an epic quest to keep under par. The premise is entertainingly absurd, and is a pretty unique framework for what looks like a rather solid 2D golf game.


06/07/2017 – Baobabs Mausoleum Ep. 1 Ovnifagos Don´t Eat Flamingos

Baobabs Mausoleum looks absolutely fascinating. It’s an RPG developed by Celery Emblem that describes itself as “Mixing Monkey Island, Zelda Link´s Awakening DX with Twin Peaks and SpongeBob Squarepants.” It appears to mishmash a lot of different genres, with turn-based combat, bullet-hell bosses, and even first-person 3D sections, and everything about it leaves me intrigued and eager to get my hands on this first episode, despite not being entirely sure of what it actually is.


07/07/2017 – Psebay

Originally released by Eugeny Butakov on Android and iOS February last year, atmospheric motorbike trial game Psebay is getting a Steam release this week. It’s got a gorgeous art style, a relaxing soundtrack, and a dynamic gravity mechanic that alters the orientation of the game world. Mobile ports to Steam have a mixed reputation, but so long as it’s a decent port, I’ll look forward to giving this one a go on a bigger screen than my phone.

Update: Release pushed to 12th July.


07/07/2017 – Mr Blaster

Another game that’ll also have a Mobile release, Mr Blaster is a Worms-inspired artillery tactical game with a curvy, vibrant art style. It’s been developed by ENTERi, who have two other games on the Steam Store that share a vibrant colour scheme and simple mechanics, so we suspect this one should be a fun little experience too.

Update: Release pushed to 14th July.


07/07/2017 – Little Red Lie

Little Red Lie is a contemporary interactive fiction game by WZOGI that boils the nine verbs found in standard adventure games into one: lie. It looks to deal with a whole host of topics, including family, society, politics, mental health, and addiction. Watching the trailer made me think of House of Cards at points, and needless to say I’m interested.


There you have it, five indie games releasing this week that had us curious. Let us know if any of them interest you in particular, and keep your eyes peeled for our experiences with some of them.

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