Nintendo gave us a Nindies Spring Showcase with a whole host of games last week on the 20th March, that I’m itching to get my hands on. Here are three that I’m most intrigued by!

Pool Panic

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I’ve actually both known about and been perpetually excited about Pool Panic since my first EGX Rezzed back in 2016, where I met Angus Dick (who you will remember for sending me ridiculous games) and Mike Robinson, who were showcasing an early version of the game in the Leftfield Collection. I’ve received the odd private update here and there from them, so you’d imagine my joy that it’ll finally be coming out this year. It was already buckets of fun at the time, and it only looks to have grown since then – navigating a world of over 100 levels as a cue ball in the pool game of life, keep your eyes peeled for the world’s least realistic pool simulator on PC and Nintendo Switch.

Bomb Chicken

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It’s a chicken. With bombs. What more could you want in life? Aside from basic necessities, not much else at all, quite frankly. Bomb Chicken is a 2D puzzle platformer where you assume the role of a chicken in possession of, you guessed it, a large number of explosives. You blow a lot of things up, yes, but what adds a different angle to this game is making use of the explosives as platforming tools. Inspired, unique, and absolutely ridiculous, keep an eye out for it this Summer.

The Messenger

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It’s no secret that I’m a sucker for well-done pixel art. Which is why The Messenger grabbed me in the way it did – it’s an action platformer with an initially 8-bit-inspired art style, but where things get interesting is the way that it depicts its time travel mechanic. As you move forward in time, the game takes on a 16-bit-inspired style. It’s a very fun and clever way of making an aesthetic distinction between the past and future, and besides that, it also looks like it’ll be a very tight and satisfying ninja-action romp. Look out for it this year!

What about the Nindies Showcase excited you the most? Let us know in the comments!