We here at Indie Haven are super pumped to tell you about our new serial feature, The Indie Haven Lunch Table. It’s where we’ll be serving up the some of the tastiest morsels of games writing around, and it begins this week, right here.

And yes, you most definitely can sit with us.

So, what’s on the menu?

Well, we wanted Lunch Table to be something unique, and we think we’ve achieved that, so be prepared for some video game critique with a very distinct flavour.

In essence, LT is a collection of perspectives from several members of the Indie Haven team. At the core of every LT post is a theme or concept that relates to an aspect of video games or gaming culture. But these central ideas will be in soft-focus; themes can be moulded into whatever shape the author can create with them. The theme itself is more of a common thread used to unify the individual pieces. Sometimes these works will be drawn together to form one multifaceted article. Other times, each piece will remain separate, and appear on the front page as its own creation.

Video games can be discussed and explored in countless ways. Through LT, we aim to celebrate the idea that all of us — and that includes you, reader — engage with games and their concepts differently. No two experiences are identical. Everything from our individual personalities to our lived experiences affects how we respond to the medium.

We hope that you enjoy these less conventional pieces, but hey, if they aren’t your jam, thanks for stoppin’ by the Table. But if they move you consider your own unique perspective within video games, that’s a win.

This week’s articles are based around the concept of “Far-off Horizons”, and the first instalment will be up today.