CEO and founder of Ouya Julie Uhrman recently said that she was “surprised” by reactions to Ouya’s Free the Game Fund, but that it would continue.

“No we are not changing the Free The Games Fund. We are sticking with it,” Uhrman said.

The program was created by Ouya to help fund games on Kickstarter if they come out on Ouya exclusively for a limited time.

Recent scandals surrounding games on Kickstarter receiving large amounts of money with very little backers fueled concerns skeptics already had with the program.

Very notably, Elementary, My Dear Holmes had its campaign suspended after the creator reported suspicious backer activity to Amazon and Kickstarter.

Another game Gridiron Thunder received over $170,000 from 183 backers, which has had various members of the games industry and press doubting the authenticity of the campaign.

Even with recent scandals, Uhram said the program is developers and consumers, and that “more than 40 developers have contacted” them with game ideas.