The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

In Jotun, by Thunder Lotus Games, you play a Norse warrior who has died and must now prove herself to the gods to get into Valhalla. To do this, she must take out large creatures and monsters with nothing more than her wits and axe.

A David and Goliath variant, you must be quick on your feet and memorize enemy patterns in order to effectively take them down. You have three moves at your disposal: roll, weak attack, strong attack. The roll is, naturally, used to help dodge out of the way, and your two attacks can either barely leave a scratch but allow you to escape quickly, or hit hard but leave yourself vulnerable as you wind up your swing.

In the fight during the PAX demo, I faced off against a giant who would try to either body splash me, roll over me, or blow me away with his icy breath. As I weakened the giant, two things happened: He began to move more quickly and the environment changed. By the end of the battle, the skies had shifted from crystal clear to heavy blizzard conditions, making it almost impossible to see my character.

I was so close to defeating the giant, but at about one hit left for each of us, he got me with a roll.


I spoke with William Dubé, the developer, for a bit. He’s been having a great time learning about Norse mythology, the inspiration for this game. He used some creative license in developing a purgatory before reaching Valhalla for the main character to go through, but I don’t feel it takes away from the original stories at all. He also promises you’ll have to fight many other jörmungandr (large monsters)!

Jotun is still in its early stages, but it looks like it could be plenty of fun for those who enjoy experiences similar to Shadow of the Colossus with epic, memorable boss fights.

Keep an eye on news about Jotun both here at Indie Haven and on its website:

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