The first PAX South has come and gone. I went down to San Antonio to not only escape the cold of my home state, but to see what game devs had in store for us. Over the course of a few days, you’ll be able to read my recap of many of the games I played.

Beyond Sol (Praxia Entertainment)

In Beyond Sol, you are a spacefaring adventurer trying to get by as humanity begins to explore the cosmos. What you need to do is set up a base of operations so you may mine resources, build a larger outpost, defend the outpost from other spacefarers, and take over their own outposts. I’m told you can be diplomatic about your approach as well but talking’s for nerds and I’ve got a trigger finger! (Seriously, be diplomatic sometimes because there are other factions in the game and it would be beneficial to be friendly to at least SOME people.)

You are represented by a spaceship which you fly around to complete various objectives, be they combat, exploration, or mining. In the mission I got to play, I went to check out a signal near by home outpost which seemed to be a source of trouble brewing. It turns out that some Space Jerks (my term) had beat someone up near me and it was time to teach them who’s boss. That kind of action wasn’t going to happen in my backyard!


As my large ship lumbered about, I was flanked by a couple of smaller ships and things were getting crazy. With such a large ship at my command, what I needed to do was to make sure I was within range and could get a lock on with various weapons. Without the same maneuverability as the smaller ships, this was tricky but soon my missiles and lasers hit their targets. Being the ace pilot that I am, I had no trouble dispensing of this threat – that is, until a capital ship arrived and blew me to smithereens. What can I say? I like to take on more than I can chew.

In its current state, early alpha, the game felt familiar (combat reminded me of Star Trek Armada without the armada), but personally, I don’t mind that one bit. Lots could change in the coming months and there is still lots more content to add. I liked what I saw and it has promise.

An early build may be found on their site and it’s heading to Early Access soon. You’ll be able to play alone or with friends on this one so grab a friend and try it out!


Rebel Galaxy (Double Damage Games)

What the heck happened to my aunt? That’s what I was trying to find out as I started up Rebel Galaxy. The devs behind this title have worked on a number of past hits such as Diablo and Fate. For this title, they’ve broken free from the stuff that they know and have created a space combat, RPG-ish game where you can wheel and deal to talk your way into or out of situations, or you can go in, guns a-blazin’ and cause trouble for everyone.

Combat felt epic as, in order to defeat your targets, you must switch between a 2D, overhead view to use your large, imprecise weaponry, and zooming in to a closer, behind-the-ship view to grant you access to more exact systems for targeting specific ships or to shoot down missiles that have locked onto you. Quick jumping between the two systems felt clunky at first, but before I knew it, I was bouncing between the two effortlessly.

Weapons are randomly generated, not terribly unlike Diablo, Torchlight, or Borderlands, so each bit of loot you find or buy will be different from other play sessions.


Not only do you have normal shields, but you also have access to a “deflector” or super shield which grants you temporary immunity from attacks. Timing this just right helps save your hide in a tight situation or in one where you couldn’t quite destroy missiles in time before they reached your hull.

In one of my fights, the ships I fought tried to hail me almost immediately to apologize for making threats against me. I saw the attempts to get my attention but Empress Sabriel doesn’t take threats lightly from Space Scumbags. I vanquished them quickly to make an impression on people, I’m not to be trifled with!

There are factions for you to gain and lose reputation with. Some may have similar goals as you, some may hate everything you stand for, and some are neutral trade partners. Depending on your actions, different factions will treat you differently such as welcoming you to port with open arms, or trying to blow you out of the sky… er, space.

I never did find out what happened to my aunt during my short play session, but I did threaten some information out of someone before I had to go so that was cool.

Read the post about about the initial announcement here:

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