Old-school isometric RPG Pillars of Eternity is to receive it’s first expansion pack called The White March Part 1.

In a trailer, released alongside the announcement, we get to see all the good stuff that the expansion will be bringing with it such as a higher level cap, more abilities and a new companion character. The trailer also dumps a lot of fantasy sounding lore as well, which probably makes sense to those who’ve played the original game.

Along side the video was a statement on the Pillars website from the CEO of Obsidian Enterainment, Feargus Urquhart:

“We knew, when we started work on the game following our crowdfunding campaign, that we had the potential to create the kind of game we’d wanted to see again for a long time. Evidently, we weren’t alone in that. With The White March, we’re going to ensure that we live up to the praise we’ve received and the faith our fans have placed in us.”

A price or release date has yet to be set for the release of the expansion. However, in another video from Obsidian it is said that the White March expansion will come out alongside patch 2.0 of the game, which will tweak certain gameplay features, fix bugs and balance certain skills whenever that comes.

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