Take to space and settle your own colony on a remote planet in Planetbase. It now has a release date scheduled for October 16, next month.

The developer Madruga Works also announced a price point of $19.99 with a 15 percent discount planned on launch. Players take on the role of a base architect in this city builder by pointing their settlers in the right direction to get facilities up and running. The goal is to create a self-sustaining outpost where you have oxygen, food, water, and the means to continue expanding.

A trailer from earlier this week is below featuring gameplay and an overall look at what to expect.

Madruga noted on the Steam page for Planetbase that it’s not intended to be a simulator, but attacks it from a general approach. Where your path to survival would be similar to that of going it for real. It features three different planets, a desert planet, frozen planet, and gas giant moon. Each with their own difficulty and conditions to tackle in their environment.

The question is, will you survive meteors, invaders, or keeping enough oxygen for your population?