It’s never good news when a platform for indie distribution goes bust, and Sony is closing down its PlayStation Mobile service for Vita and Android devices this summer. Content will officially stop being offered on July 15,  while existing users will have until September 10 to download their libraries before the option to do so disappears.

Additionally, if you want to download purchased material going forward, users must manually authenticate their device. For Vita owners, this can be done from the “System Activation” panel in the system settings.

Still, this could also be seen as Sony making buying games less confusing for users, since it has recently incorporated indie titles prominently alongside triple-A games in its regular storefront. We’ll have to see how this affects both development of indie games on Sony platforms, as well as how consumers purchase them.

Source: Sony via Engadget

  • How is Mobile different from PSN? Why is it seen as a more indie platform?