The Firefly-inspired Space Adventure and Combat game Rebel Galaxy is set to release October 20 on PC, through Steam and GOG for $20. It will later launch on other platforms — PlayStation 4, Mac and Xbox One — later in 2015.

Along with the announcement of its release comes a brand new release date trailer that shows off all the wonders of space exploration and combat between these massive ships. Players of Rebel Galaxy will be put in command of their very own ship, and will be able to choose doing jobs on the straight-and-narrow, or as an outlaw who bends the laws to their own fitting.


Development of Rebel Galaxy is being handled by Double Damage Games, which consists Travis Baldree and Erich Schaefer — who previously co-founded Runic Games and worked on the Torchlight series. Baldree stated in the announcement release that developing Rebel Galaxy has been a blast, and that they’re anxious to see it launch.

“We’ve had more fun making this game than anything else we’ve ever done, and we’re excited – and a little nervous! – to see it out in the world,” Baldree said.

The release comes just one year after the game was initially revealed last October. If you’d like to learn more about how Rebel Galaxy will handle, check out our preview.