Hello, Indie Haven Editor Laura here with some very unfortunate news.

After an eventful and upsetting day watching Twitter, I regretfully have to inform our readers that we as a site are withdrawing our support for IndiE3. We love the intention of the event, we love that it inspired our new Deputy Editors Alison and Jeb to orgainise over sixty interviews across just three short days and we love the way it has brought many of our camera shy staff out of their shells and got them pushing themselves to cover as many creators as possible in a very short time, having a blast while they did it.

We love what IndiE3 inspired in us as a site covering Indie Developers, but we don’t love what we have seen come to light today.

In short, IndiE3 has seen a number of public denouncements in support today, some we agreed with and some we did not as a site. Today IndiE3’s flustered social media accounts have been scrambling to avoid admitting the inevitable, that with an event orgainised on such a short notice there are bound to be areas where organisation, solid consistent public mission statements and other areas will fall short. It was ambitious, but some of these rushed aspects are quickly causing ill will for the event to spread.

Now, for the most part our intention was to continue our support for the event and just insist that we did not agree with these issues that arose, they didn’t seem to effect or be due to Indie Haven or our involvement. Unfortunately, we had to draw a line a number of hours ago.

We will keep details here brief, but an unnamed video game streamer this evening had a very disappointing experience on the main IndiE3 stream. To keep things brief her gender was called into question in an increasingly aggressive and unwelcoming chat box, with numerous fast flowing comments and not nearly an adequate number of moderators to handle the situation. While this was not the fault of the organisers, the short term organisation meant it was near impossible to handle. We as a site are terribly sorry to hear about what the streamer went through and we offer our most sincere appologies that an event we had closely associated ourselves with was the cause of an evening of very understandable traumatic feelings.

As a site with an unusually high number of non binary, gay and transgender writing staff this is an issue of great personal importance to us and, in the light of a growing number of issues regarding the event, we felt the only way to make things right to the streamer and anyone else effected by these issues was to withdraw our support as a site. We don’t like anyone being made to feel uncomfortable because of misgendering and questions of gender, regardless of if they are Trans, Cisgender or neither.

I want to reiterate how amazingly proud I am of what Indie Haven as a site managed to organise under the IndiE3 banner, with Jeb and Alison very much deserving their recent promotions to our editorial staff. Organising over sixty interview livestreams in the space of a week is no small feat and I am very sorry to both of them that their hard work is being cut far shorter than we intended.

We have cancelled all upcoming interviews under the IndiE3 banner. If any participating developers still with to have an interview with Indie Haven, separate from indiE3 as a header, we would love for you to email me at LauraK@IndieHaven.com. We are currently coming up with alternative arrangements to allow Alison and Jeb’s amazing work to still be used going forward, potentially creating our own recurring setup for these kinds of interviews. We really hope any developers whose interviews we have cancelled will contact in and attempt to help us with our new alternative interview livestream plans.

Thank you everyone for the support this week. Sorry to Alison and Jeb for having to cut your amazing work short, sorry to the streamer for what she experienced, sorry to anyone and everyone else affected by issues regarding the event and thank you readers for understanding why we had to do this. Finally, we are terribly sorry IndiE3 for having to withdraw. We hugely appreciate what you inspired in our staff, but for the health of our writers moving away from the event was important on a very personal level.

Disclaimer: While waiting to post this, IndiE3 put the event on hiatus. We are unclear if this was due to us contacting them announcing we had pulled out of the event, but we stand by our decision to pull out from their banner.

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Laura’s gaming journey began in the 90′s when she was given a SNES by her older brother with Mario paint. From that day video games were all she thought about day or night, be it playing them, designing them, discussing them or writing about them. Why does she want to write about indie games? Because indie devs are awesome and she wants to be their new best friend by telling them how terrible their games are. That’s how it works right? Twitter: @LauraKBuzz Email: Laurak@indiehaven.com

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  • scratch_card

    indiE3 censored my swearing but not Transphobia?

    • FraynkWash

      From the get-go the guys/gals have had full intent of censoring anything like that. Their shortcoming was that they did not have enough moderators – it was a lack of preparation, not a lack of intent. If you check the @projectindie3 twitter you can see a full and complete apology and acceptance of responsibility. They also bear Indie Haven itself zero ill will for its decision, and have taken care to tell any project indie3 followers that no one should be faulting Indie Haven for its decision.

      • scratch_card

        Good to know.

  • RP

    Seems like a bit of an overreaction for something that wasn’t even their fault. They’ve added a bunch of moderators and the chat is now sanitized to the point of insanity. Why punish them for something random fuckwits on the Internet were responsible for?

    • FraynkWash

      I think the idea is that having proper moderator protection for a panel such as that, a lightning rod for said Internet f-wits, is of extreme necessity. Because there was a breach – however small – of foresight/planning, a panelist came under fire of pretty hateful comments. Yes, it’s not ProjectIndie3 themselves who said the comments, but the breach happened under their watch. But as I said in my earlier comment, everyone involved in Indie3 has been aghast at the breach, completely apologetic, and is working to ensure that it won’t happen again. However that doesn’t deny Indie Haven the prerogative of taking measures because the breach happened in the first place. The Indie3 guys and gals themselves have made that clear.

    • ninjawhale03

      Ugh (to myself not at you) I just spent 40 minutes wriiting a response to you RP trying to explain why I disagree with you but the fact is I just don’t know if I have the proper picture of things and I’ll probably seem like a dick if I’ve misintrepreted stuff but all I can say is I second FraynkWash.

    • Arkantos

      There was also some transphobic messages posted by one of the guys behind the main stuff. He’s apologized since then, but that still happened.

      • slowbeef

        That’s a pretty inaccurate summary. It was one comment (not *some* messages) in response to something, and he had deleted the offending tweet before it was ever brought up (perhaps realizing it wasn’t a smart thing to say). He contends it was a statement in response to something said of AC:U and wasn’t aware it could also have been read as a transphobic statement.

  • Going2Cry2Twitter

    Lets all go on twitter and cry and make a big scene about this, maybe they’ll reverse the withdrawl! I love random internet nerd drama lol, I honestly expected nothing less from the “indie community”, dunno why I even bothered. Guess this square peg will keep looking for his round hole ….