Cube & Star is a game produced by Doppler Interactive which is based around exploring a 3D world and converting the bland colourless land into a fertile, vibrant world. Using WASD or the arrow keys, players move a small cube around the world, collecting artifacts, journals and coloured fruits from trees as they explore.

While there are objectives included in the game, I adore that they are not forced upon the player, leaving them free to explore the world aimlessly if they so choose. Even though these objectives can be ignored, the majority of them can be completed while travelling, which is quite nice.

I really like the simplistic graphics of Cube & Star, as it uses basic 3D shapes for almost all of the characters and plants that can be interacted with. None of the colours in the game are blindingly bright making it very easy on the eyes, with a huge variety of colours to shade the world in.

The sound assets of the game are nicely designed, feeling quite light and in keeping with the general look and style of the game. Each of the different beings in the game has unique noises, making it easy to determine what species are nearby and if the player is in close proximity to an undiscovered creature. The music is interesting as it plays continuously, with different instruments and jingles fading out during the night, giving it a much quieter atmosphere.

While playing Cube & Star, I never detected a main storyline to follow.In the place of a storyline, there are journal entries that can be discovered as the player spreads colour throughout the land. The Journals, much like any of the other collectables, only appear in areas that have been transformed from the bland grey colours to the bright and strong colours of the world.

These journals seem to be written by a character, explaining their first encounter with the Tiny things. In addition to the journals, notes about the history of the world, however it is written in the “Tiny thing’s” language. One of the tasks players can complete is “Decrypt the Tiny thing’s language”, which would allow them to read their history and understand the creatures wandering the world.

Cube & Star’s world is populated by multiple species, ranging from the small “Tiny Things” to the big “Striders”, not including the two main characters, the enormous Cube and gigantic Star. I was pleased to see the level of detail that each character has, such as each creature having emotions. If interacted with, a small bubble of information appears above the creature giving players information about their mood, how many stars they have collected and what the creature is. These small details really make the game feel very in-depth.

There is only one problem I found while playing the game, which was that the achievements on Steam didn’t seem to unlock correctly, such as when a certain amount of stars are collected or after decoding the Tiny things language. This isn’t a huge problem for me, but there are some people who find unlocking achievements important.

Review: Cube & Star
Cube & Star is a game that makes you think. It gives you freedom to ignore goals but makes those goals easy to achieve while traversing the world. I found it a really compelling game, if quite confusing when first playing it. The simplistic art style, music and sounds blend perfectly with the aimless nature the game is based around. While Cube & Star may not be a game that everyone will enjoy, it is a brilliant for what it is.
  • Great dynamic feeling world
  • Colourful environment
  • Interesting dislogue
  • Steam Achievement issues
8Overall Score
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