I almost never wrote this review. The original beta I was given to play crashed after a nice amount of progress on two occasions. Although third time is apparently the charm it wasn’t something I was willing to risk my time on. After an email reporting the offending bugs to QuestForge, I was told there was a newer build to play, which thankfully kept my previous progress but without the crashing action. A huge relief.


Destiny Quest Infinite gives you a watered down Dungeons & Dragons experience, which is great for those who can’t be bothered to record all the various stats and modifiers but still want the adventure. As a warrior suffering from amnesia, you set out to the village of Tithebury Cross to find some bloke called Avian Dale, under the guise of a trained young academy knight. Don’t worry, the names were lost on me too. However there’s some problem with the weather being too hot and crops aren’t growing and apparently this witch is blame and it’s hurting all the townspeople and in the small missions you begin to help them out and gain yourself some nice gear. Well, you appear to be helping some of the townsfolk out, but like a book fate can change on the turn of a page. Most of the time this will involve battling a monstrous creature or two. The normal fantasy music kicks into a nice battle theme pace once combat begins, giving a nice sense of atmosphere. However the game sometimes forgets to restart playing the environment music after the battle music ends, ruining the sense of immersion that the text has been crafted on creating by placing you in a void of silence which does nothing to hype up the suspense.


Battles follow a simple practice, both you and your foe roll two dice for speed, the higher roll gets to attack. One die is rolled to deal damage. Clothing and weapons can be equipped which can increase your speed, attack or armour as a modifier on top of your rolls. Clearly the best tactic is to kit yourself out with speed increasing gear so your enemy can’t even get an attack in. But the balance must be made in wearing some attack increasing gear, for the enemy’s defence could be higher.


It does appear to be all for naught though, because you’re going to get royally shafted on the rolls. When going against the more powerful enemies I found myself rolling no higher than a seven, maybe even going up to a nine if I’m really lucky. While they’re rolling double sixes. Against one big baddie I rolled two double sixes in a row, which you would assume is unbeatable. However they in both cases they rolled a six and a five, and the round was a draw due to them having a bigger boost than me. After you get killed several times due to such instances, it’s hard to believe that the system is as random as it should be. Against smaller enemies you’ll find the combat weighted heavily in their favour, but usually towards the end the rolls go your way and you fight back, like some sort of underdog coming back from the edge of defeat. For the bigger baddies you’ll not find such luxury.

With a game like this there’s no way to get around it; you can’t go to a place of weaker creatures and level up until you’re more able to cope with the bigger beasties, you’re forced to sit there and click and hope that for once you’re not going to get screwed over once again on the speed roll. To demonstrate, here are the records from my latest two defeats by two separate monsters which I wrote down:


These are not isolated incidents, this is representative of what generally happens. I did have a spell which allows me to heal 4HP back, but what was the point? It’s not as if I would’ve won every speed roll to follow and obliterate them. I’ve tried several times against these creatures and I literally cannot progress any further. Were this a game in which I was able to progress, it would get a higher review score. Until then I can’t recommend this form of torture to anyone, even under the guise of “It’s all about luck!”

Review: Destiny Quest Infinite
  • An interesting concept
  • Good writing
  • Atmospheric music
  • Horrible “luck” system
  • Music cuts out
3Overall Score
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  • QuestForge

    Ouch! That sucks that you managed to come across so many bugs, we’re working hard to resolve them all. But we’re also glad that we can actually do something about the downsides you found! We’ve been toying with different ways to make the game rely less on luck: http://forums.adventurecow.com/index.php?topic=152.0 We’d love some thoughts! Hopefully in a little while if/when you come back to DestinyQuest Infinite you’ll fall in love with it. (: