The idea of a software intensive watch themed around Minecraft isn’t something I ever thought I’d have a use for in my life. When the idea was pitched to me I honestly pictured one of those little children’s cartoon watches. Bright colours, cheap production and not something you’d necessarily want to be seen wearing as an adult. As it happens, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the Minecraft Gameband is a well made and sleek looking piece of kit, but it also has some nice functionality that I can see recommending to Minecraft loving friends.

The Minecraft Gameband is essentially an 8GB USB stick fashioned into a watch, complete with a programmable LED display. The watch is made out of a single piece of hard plastic, with a silver band around the clasp and USB port. The watch separates at this silver band to reveal a USB 3.0 port and securely snaps back into place once fitted around the wrist. The LED display blends seamlessly with the design of the watch, not being visible until activated using a small red button on the side. When connected to a PC and registered the watch has USB bootable copies of Minecraft for Windows, iOS and Linux, as well as a program to alter the LED screen on the watch and software to automatically back up your minecraft servers and world saves to both the watch and an online cloud system.


The idea of the Minecraft Gameband is pretty simple. Keep all your Minecraft data backed up in one place, boot the game from new machines and have all your data available on the fly. It’s a really nice idea and works very well in practice. Upon first plugging in the device, I registered by popping in my name and email address and within 2 minutes I had a game of Minecraft running and my data was being backed up on the watch. The software was just as cleanly designed as the watch itself, quickly registered and with clearly understandable customisation options. You can customise the LED display on the watch with scrolling text, custom made animations, GIFs loaded from the internet and a whole host of other optional information.


All in all I was really pleasantly surprised with the Minecraft Gameband. It’s a really nicely made piece of kit from a hardware and software level that offers some nice save data and booting tools for Minecraft players who switch machines regularly. It’s currently only available for purchase in North America for $79.99, but it looks like a really nicely made product. This seems like the perfect gift for a teenager who plays a lot of Minecraft and not much else.

(Disclosure: I was sent a Minecraft Gameband to review. I will be passing it on as a gift to a Minecraft loving friend rather than keeping it for myself).

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