Indie Haven is determined to deliver honest and fair criticism to all games on our website. We are open to review any and all games that come to our attention, but those choices will be left up to the individual contributors on our website.

We will use a 10-point scale when rating all games. If a game has changed dramatically since the initial review, will change the score to reflect the play experience.

10 – Monumental

A score of 10 doesn’t mean it’s perfect, but it does mean the reviewer gives a game their highest possible recommendation. This score is for games doing something particularly new or ambitious, or amazingly polished, and their flaws are minimal compared to the accomplishments. This game will be remembered in song and scripture, solidifying itself as a benchmark in all aspects against which future titles will be measured.

9 – Extraordinary

While 9’s may have a couple of small flaws, a game with a score of 9 is a brilliant game that doesn’t have much in the way of noticeable issues. While we may have to add a couple of small caveats to the review, these games are very much recommended for gamers who have an interest in the idea of the game.

8 – Superior

8’s are consistently good games that, as long as their issues don’t bother you specifically, are well worth a go. There may be games out there that do things better, but they’re games we are confident are worth the investment of your time.

7 – Respectable

A game with a score of 7 is a good game, and and has great parts, but equally has parts that are less impressive and their quality may not be as consistent as an 8. There will be things to keep in mind when deciding if a 7 is right for you, but if you’re okay with several small issues you may find a great game here.

6 – Inconsistent

A 6 is a game that has good parts, but is best described as inconsistent. It’s not a bad game, but there were things that distracted the reviewer enough while playing that they weren’t always super invested in the experience. Make sure to read the review and think about if this game is right for you.

5 – Average

For every positive that could be said about the experience, there is at least one counterpoint of negativity. Though not an awful title, it does not excel in any particular aspect and flounders in others. They’re games that are just a bit uninspiring, a bit forgettable and just not anything you’ll be running off to tell your friends they need to play ASAP.

4 – Unenjoyable

A game that has design or performance issues that make it unenjoyable to play. It means well, but ends up being a game we wouldn’t recommend without unless you’re a very specific target audience.

3 – Shameful

It falls just short of acceptable in every aspect and sparks little to no enjoyment whatsoever. It struggles to make itself interesting and has technical or basic gameplay implementation issues. We’re not angry at the developer; we’re just disappointed – very, very disappointed.

2 – Atrocious

There are very few words that can be used to describe the level of disappointment you will feel upon your purchase/playthrough of this title. While it is not the worst possible experience, it brings absolutely nothing of value to the table and should be avoided at all costs.

1 – Abysmal

This is an abysmal excuse for a product that was, through no small miracle, approved and distributed to the general population. Warning: Years from now you will look back at your life and recognize this purchase as your one true regret. Abandon all hope, ye who enter. Game doesn’t function or is utterly unplayable.