Growing up, I was a big fan of the creepy and fun kookiness of shows such The Addams Family and The Munsters. They were fun takes on a genre I normally avoided. It was scary stuff, after being traumatized as a child by strangers coming to the door and seeking candy one evening in autumn (it was my candy, dammit!) I’m older now and while my feelings about scary things and Halloween haven’t changed much, I still adore the fun kookiness of those classic shows and The Phantom P.I.: Mission Apparition reminded me of them.

phantom 01In this iOS-only game (it’s in the Greenlight program as well), you play as Cecil Sparks, a gentleman P.I. with an epic mustache and old-timey fashion sense, who aids ghosts in the afterlife. A ghoul named Baublebelly has been picking on a ghostly rock n’ roll legend by eating his music equipment and you take on the task of getting it back. Trekking through a haunted mansion, Cecil explores pathways and solves puzzles to advance to the end of each stage on his way to Baublebelly.

One of the first things that caught my eye about the game is it visually adorable. I especially love the main character, Cecil, but all of the ghosts, people and even the mansion have fun charm about them. The mansion is full of “haunted” objects floating about, broken pipes of water or gas, electric wiring that sparks, and more. All-together, it creates a fun and “living” environment that is a joy to explore.

Puzzles come in a few varieties, typically either “find an object to pass this” or “find a switch to activate or deactivate that”. For each puzzle, you’ll need to explore the mansion to find objects such as a crowbar, bucket, or key to get through certain rooms. I found the experience to be enjoyable, even if I ever got a little stuck, and the solution to my troubles was never far away.

phantom 02Cute aside, I did find that the game was on the easy side. Puzzles were not overly difficult and in the few times I found myself stuck, it wasn’t for very long and took just a bit of backtracking. I don’t feel this is a fault though as I don’t think I am exactly the intended audience. On the plus side, there are collectables which extend the life of the game for any user as they can be tricky to find and may require a few visits to each stage.

I struggled a bit with the small screen real estate I played with on the iPhone 4S. I feel that the game, while entirely playable on the smaller iOS devices, is much better suited for a larger phone or an iPad. Maximum precision isn’t needed, but some of the objects are small and I would have to tap the screen repeatedly for Cecil to interact with them.

The Phantom P.I. is an enjoyable, cute experience. Both kids and adults alike will find this game entertaining. The game isn’t terribly long, playable over the course of a few lunch breaks or evenings, but it feels well worth the price.

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Review: The Phantom P.I. Mission Apparition
Phantom PI offers a fun, if not terribly challenging, romp through a haunted mansion which should not be missed if you're a fan of exploration, puzzle solving, and collecting items.
  • Fun exploration.
  • Cute graphics.
  • On the easy side.
  • Wish it were longer.
7Overall Score
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