I played the PC version of Virus Jigglin’ Fever by devFluid, though it may also be played on OS X, Ubuntu, and Android. Experiences may differ on these other platforms.

After an excitable Australian caused a virus outbreak while on a tour of a research facility, your crack team of virus killers set out to save the world. Your arsenal includes, from the mouths of the developers, a Virus Scanner to locate viruses, a Virus Magnifier so one may see said viruses, a bouncy ball of pharmaceutical goodness, and “That F**cking Paddle” that changes the ball of drugs into different colors when bounced off of.

vjf02In visuals and design, Virus Jigglin’ Fever draws from other games. One is instantly reminded of Dr. Mario when it comes to killing viruses in a jar, while gameplay itself is reminiscent of Arkanoid. Here, viruses are cleared by bouncing a ball around the playfield, with a spin being that they will only go away if the ball matches the color of the virus. To change the color of the ball, bounce it off the paddle. Should your ball fly beyond your paddle while in play, your “lives” deplenish and you try again until you run out.

Occasionally, a virus will drop a powerup when killed. Powerups include the multiball (spawns more balls to cover more ground), sticky paddle (causes your ball to stick to the paddle, allowing you set up shots), and spiky ball (annihilates any type of virus it smacks into). Powerups are limited in use by either charges or a short timer.

In later stages, some viruses also cause other effects to the playfield that may help or hinder your efforts. For example, one such virus, when hit with the wrong color cure, will release a ball of its own which does nothing other than to change the color of the cure ball when it comes in contact with the paddle.

I encountered some issues I felt could be improved. Both of them left me feeling like I was either not getting something, or quality of life changes could be made. When there are a few viruses left in the container, the ball doesn’t consistently feel like it’s bouncing the way it should be. If I hit the ball while moving the paddle up or down, it wouldn’t affect the “spin” of the ball which feels like I don’t have quite as much control as I should.

vjf04When the playfield is mostly empty, it can take a while to actually hit the remaining viruses. If the ball could be altered to bounce into the general direction of remaining foes, it would keep stages from feeling too long.

You also don’t have the ability to save your progress. Once you to turn off the game, you lose all of your progress and must restart from the beginning. That said, being an homage to the NES era, this could be completely intentional, and I may be spoiled by modern gaming conventions. I still find the earlier stages fun, and they aren’t too much trouble to play through again, but the option to save my progress would be nice so I could see how far I can get. This statement was later found to be incorrect after a conversation with one of the devs. Every three stages the game saves your progress and you can later start from one of these points on the world map.

Despite these minor minor flaws, there is a lot of quick fun to be had in this title. It’s simple to grasp and hard to put down.

Review: Virus Jigglin' Fever
Virus Jigglin’ Fever is fun to play for those moments when you have a short amount of time and want some quick action. It’s well worth the low asking price of $2.
  • Fun homage to NES era graphics and gameplay
  • Amusing, simple story
  • No resuming where you left off
  • Game can feel slow when few mobs remain on screen
8Overall Score
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