Strap on your Hoverboard and warm up those Flux Capacitors because Rocket League is getting a Back to the Future style DLC.

Coming this month, players of this anarchic car based football game will now get to bounce around the pitch in their very own DeLorean. The car is styled exactly like the one from Back to the Future, it even has  ‘OUTATIME’ on the licence plate, sadly time travel is not included.

What you do get is a DeLorean car model and a Burnt Rubber trail for all your cars so you can leave flaming tread marks wherever you go. Plus, when you get airborne the wheels of the DeLorean retract underneath the car just like they do in the movie.

This piece of movie DLC will cost $1.99 and you can pick it up on the 21st of October.


The DeLorean is coming to Rocket League [Destructoid]

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