Defiant Development have today announced that Hand of Fate, their tabletop roguelike deck builder, is now available on Steam Early Access.

An interesting mix of action RPG and CCG elements, players build decks which contain equipment, item and enemy cards and can then play them out in an action RPG setting. Additional cards can be obtained by winning key battles and defeating boss characters.

Director of Defiant Development, Morgan Jaffit was  bullish regarding the game’s ability to ensnare the attention of its audience, “Anyone who falls in the cross section of PC gamer and board or card game enthusiast will have more fun playing Hand of Fate than a Game of Thrones fan reading the manuscripts of the two unreleased books.”

Originally a Kickstarter project that was successfully funded some months ago, Hand of Fate is set to make its way to PlayStation 4 in Q4 2014 and PlayStation Vita in Q1 2015.

You can catch the Steam Early Access trailer below.

Source: Joystiq

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