Preordering Not a Hero, Roll7’s upcoming isometric shooter, will grant consumers with a free copy of its acclaimed skateboarding game OlliOlli.

The deal is available with both the standard and special edition of the game known as Not a Hero: Global MegaLord Edition. The special includes a digital art book, digital comic, exclusive making-of documentary, desktop backgrounds, Windows sounds, and the soundtrack.

The two versions are available for preorder at a 10 percent discount at a price of $11.69 and $17.99 respectively. OlliOlli is available at $12.99 on Steam. If you already own OlliOlli you can choose to gift the free copy to a friend on Steam.

OlliOlli received a perfect score from us — back when we still used numbers — from former IndieHaven contributer Chris Higgins.

Not a Hero will release on May 7 on PC, PlayStation 4 and PS Vita.