Runic Games has recently announced their new project, Hob.

We don’t have a lot of information on Hob just yet, although judging from screenshots of the game it seems to lean towards the point-and-click style the adventure genre’s become known for these days. It’s also a pretty obvious departure from the studio’s wheelhouse. FATE and Torchlight, the games Runic is known for, were both Diablo-style action-RPGs.

According to the game’s website, Hob will see a release on PC and console. However, there’s no word on a release date or even which consoles it’ll see a release on. All we really know is that PC players who like playing with a controller will feel at home here. Here’s a description from the game’s website: 

“The darkness rumbles to life.

Massive gears turn their teeth, shifting ancient monoliths into place.

A door opens.

Dappled forest light beckons you from your chamber, entering an unknown world both beautiful and dangerous, buzzing with life above and whirring with mysterious machinery below.

Hob is a vibrant, suspenseful adventure game. As players delve into the mysteries around them, they discover a planet in peril. Can it be mended, or will the world fall further into chaos?”


If there’s just not enough information for you here, don’t worry. On the game’s website, there’s a nice little countdown going on that suggests a PAX presentation where we’ll hear more about the game.

Source:  Torchlight developers announce adventure game Hob

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