Sci-fi exploration FPS Morphite is available to play today on Playstation 4, Xbox One, iOS and PC, with a Nintendo Switch release later this year.

The atmospheric space shooter is a collaborative project by Crescent Moon Games, Blowfish Studios, and We’re Five games, and looks to be a game in a similar vein to No Man’s Sky. Unlike the Hello Games title, Morphite promises a main storyline with hand-crafted planets as its focus, with procedurally-generated worlds present for extra exploration if you so desire.

We should see real-time space combat, blaster battles on planets, platforming sections, and plenty of mysteries to solve regarding a substance in the game that shares its name, Morphite. You follow the story of a space station worker called Myrah Kale as she goes on a quest to find out about her past. It’s also rocking a pretty gorgeous minimalist art style that I’m quite a fan of.

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Ben Lee, CEO of Blowish Studios, has said, “With one of the largest universes ever created in gaming, we know Morphite will provide more adventure than one person could ever complete in a lifetime.”

Before No Man’s Sky, I’d be somewhat excited for a project like this. But now? I can’t help but feel skeptical. They’re making a lot of promises with Morphite and I hope the game lives up to them. The narrative and hand-made world being the focus over the procedural generation gives me a semblance of optimism, however. We’ll have to see.