I’m a huge sports fan and a big part of sports is coming up with a ranking and list everything. Often times these lists involved complicated criteria and statistics in order to justify something that is totally subjective anyway.

So last week Valve released the latest batch of Steam Greenlight games and I’ve been hard at work culling the list of 32 games into my definitive top five. I looked at the video, poured over the video and compared features and lost many hours of sleep in order to bring you these definitive rankings.

My word is law and you are not allowed to disagree with me, enjoy.

No. 5 Death Road to CanadaDeath Road to Canada

by Rocket Cat Games

I chose this one especially for Indie Haven contributor and author of our weekly Kickstarter column Adam Ward. He’s the only Canadian in the group and the premise of this Rogue-like takes a group of survivors on a road trip from Florida to Canada. Standing in their way are zombie hordes that have infested every town. It’s a game about tough choices, survival and betrayal. The pixel art style and light tone balances out a rather dark premise.

No. 4 Age of Wushu 

by Snail Games

MMORPG’s are often boring because they all look the same and offer up the same fantasy setting and character classes. here are no wizards, rogues are warriors in this MMO by Snail Games. Age of Wushu is is centered around martial arts schools in ancient China and features character classes to match. Character classes include Shaolin monks, Wudang warriors, scholars and Tangmen. I’m ready to unleash the beast after looking at this one.
Crystal Kingdom

No. 3 Crystal Kingdom

by EpicBeyond Studios

I yearn for the days of 16-bit RPG’s and Crystal Kingdoms looks like a game that not only satisfies that fix, but expands on it. This feels like a SNES JRPG strives to be an MMORPG and it already looks better than any Final Fantasy game in recent memory.

Crystal Kingdom will be a dungeon crawler that features six base character classes, customizable skins, tons of loot and multiple game modes. Play with friends, by yourself or in the vast open world. I miss the type of games that’ll burn through 60 hours of my life, hopefully this is that kind of throwback.

No. 2 AdventureOS

Eveland Games

If you’ve ever wondered what kind of epic dungeon your computer would be then AdventureOS is the game for you. It literally creates a dungeon based off the stuff in your PC. The game uses folders and files in your computer to create an adventure game. So the folder of porn buried deep in your hard drive becomes dungeons and all the files become NPC’s and enemy types.

The game is a platforming RPG of sorts where you learn special abilities like double jumping, wall breaking and speed boosts in order to access the inner sanctum of your computer. The art style in this game has shades of Adventure Time, which lends to its charm.

No. 1 Claire

 by SavionenClair

The trailer for this game scared the shit out of me and that’s why it’s on here. The story is about Claire and her dog who find themselves in a warped and nightmarish version of the real world. She uses light to fight the shadows that haunt her steps and relies on her trusty German Shepard to help in in ferreting out enemies and find items. II’m a big fan of survival horror games and this one looks like a sure bet to deliver everything I want and more.

So that’s my list. If you feel like I missed something or got something wrong then direct your hate through email at JoseS@Indiehaven.com or accost me on Twitter.