Steam usually announces Greenlights games as a trickle giving an air of exclusivity to titles honored by the distinction, but this week Valve decided to open the floodgates and greenlight 100 games.

I don’t know if this will be the norm or what prompted such a massive quantity of games being approved, but the bevy of titles has something for everyone. If Valve is looking to offer a large library of titles with the Steam Machine on it’s way, then this was an excellent move.

Here are the games you should pay attention to:

Adventure Games


  • Luminesca This underwater adventure game is gorgeous looking. Play as a creature called Lum that is out to explore the ocean depths. The world gets darker the deeper he dives into the ocean depths.
  • Everworld Island  This Co-op adventure game reminds me of old NES/SuperNES mario games with some very modern features. Choose from different classes and play coop with friends as you collect coins, defeat foes and solve puzzles. There’s also a level editor available for would-be game designers out there.
  •  Finding Teddy This pixel art game is so cute and the premise is absolutely saccharine. You play as a little girl out to rescue her teddy bear from the monster that dragged it into the wardrobe.
  •  A.N.N.E. This pixel-art game is part Metroidvania part Megaman. Join Gomi as he hops aboard his trusty ship and travels the galaxy in search of his girl friend. Gameplay shifts between piloting the ship and taking control of Gomi after landing.
  • Our Darker Purpose I wrote about this game on Indie Haven earlier this year and it’s nice to see it hit Steam. This roguelike is stylish and features a charming cast of characters.

Survival Horror

Mass of Dead

  • Mass of Dead I love how gritty this twin-stick shooter looks. The lighting and atmosphere reminds me of a Resident Evil game, but its fast paced arcade style gameplay.
  • After Reset This open world game is set in a world where civilization is scorched off the face of earth. Play as survivors tasked with navigating the wastelands of earth.
  • Montas This first person Survival Horror game is just creepy. Imagine waking up in a familiar world completely devoid of people. There is always a sense that something is following you and there is a good chance something is.

 Unique Gameplay

Lost Saga

  • Lost Saga This game reminds me of Smash Brothers in the way it is multi-player focused and takes place in arena style levels. There is a huge cast of heroes with over 60 playable characters.
  • Particulars This physics based puzzle game puts in control of a subatomic particle. The aim is to avoid all the other particles that will destroy you.
  • Cloudbuilt This is a fast-paced platformer in the vein of a Sonic the Hedgehog only it takes place in a 3D world. It’s breath taking to leap from platform to platform set among the clouds.
  • Suguri Collection This aerial shooter looks frantic and epilepsy inducing with the amount of flashing lights, but its also intimate with the focus  one-on-one combat.