Sony continued their proclamation of love for the indie scene today in Germany with a slew of exclusive game debuts on their platforms, including Mike Bithell’s newly-announced Volume. The news from the company’s Gamescom press conference in Cologne revealed several new and old releases would be appearing on PlayStation 4 and Vita before any other console platform. This news came straight alongside a PS4 release date of Nov 15 (North America) and Nov 29 (EU) and the announcement that Vita would receive a significant price drop to $199/199EUR.

Topping the list was the revelation that Mike Bithell’s stealth game, Volume, would be appearing on PS4 and Vita a month before the PC version when it launches next year. Speaking during the announcement, Bithell said: “Super excited to get the game onto PlayStation first. These guys are knocking it out of the park!” Joining Volume on both PS4 and Vita will be a pair of rogue-likes, Cellar Door’s Rogue Legacy and Vlambeer’s Wasteland Kings, spawned from a gamejam earlier this year. Hotline Miami 2 and Ed McMillen’s Binding of Isaac Rebirth will also be joining the list of indie games making their console debuts on Sony’s next gen console and handheld next year, though no mention was made of whether they would be exclusively debut on them. However, it was announced that Binding of Isaac Rebirth would be free to all PS+ members when it releases. Yet more games confirmed by Shahid Kamal to be coming to PS4 included N++, metanet’s ninja-based platformer, which will be releasing exclusively on the console this winter. And coming later will be the steampunk-themed online air combat turret defense, Guns of Icarus. And, as seems traditional by now from recent games conferences, Minecraft was also confirmed to be coming to PlayStation 4 just after launch.

Following on from these announcements were teasers for two new games from former independent studios who made big names from themselves, continuing to be supported by Sony. First was Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture, an intriguing post-apocalypse game from Dear Esther developers thechineseroom. From the meagre details shown, it seems like they have continued in the vain of atmospheric storytelling they made a name for themselves with in their 2008 Source engine mod. Second was Rime, from Deadlight developers Tequila Works, a beautiful-looking open world adventure in the style of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, but with a bright and cheery colour palette and a hint of Studio Ghibli. Certainly two games to get excited about.

The huge array of new exclusives to Sony’s platforms along with an extended section detailing how developers the likes of Honeyslug, Curve Studios and Futurlab found the working relationship with Sony showed just how strongly the gaming giant feels for the indie scene. Coupled this with the solid marketing decisions in Vita price drops and PS4 bundles, and Sony appear to have really hit the ground running in this console cycle.

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