It seems that the world record for speedrunning Spelunky has just been beaten by a hairs breadth.

The old record, which was an amazing 1:45:073, was beaten by Speedrunner Spelunky God who managed to clock in an impressive 1:45:072, which defeats the old record by less than 0.1 seconds.

According to Spelunky God, this astonishing feat was managed by a fortunate teleporter drop from one of the in-game crates. Commenting on his luck he said: “I’ve been checking crates like a monster recently, so finding a random teleporter isn’t that shocking.”

Spelunky is an incredibly difficult platforming game that’s set inside a series of caverns where speed runners have to face hazards ranging from snakes and giant spiders to spooky ghosts. The loot drops are completely random so it can often take several attempts or just one lucky run to nail that World Record.

Even though Spelunky Gods’ run is an amazing thing to watch, it is worth noting that the Hell World Record of the game is still unbeaten. That record is currently held by Speedrunner Pibonacci who clocked in a completion time of 3:52:999.

Although Spelunky God has not said whether he will attempt to beat the Hell World time, it could very likely be his next target!

Player Sets New Spelunky Speedrun World Record [IGN]

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