[Update 2]: Indie Haven has received clarification of this situation from IndieGameStand. According to them, the deal was set up by Plug In Digital – who are listed as a co-publisher on the Steam page for Standpoint – and not BulkyPix:

“We’ve had no contact with Bulkypix, looks like they gave publisher Plug In Digital the distribution rights to the game, who provided us with it for the sale. 

I think it’s important for the this story to be told to provide developers awareness of publishers. Plug in Digital doesn’t seem at fault here either really, seems like this Bulkypix dropped the ball. 

The developer has been very understanding and supportive of the deal, and on our end we’ll be advocating anything we can on our end. “

Plug In Digital have also made three tweets about the situation:

“There has been a miscommunication between Plug In Digital and [BulkyPix] regarding the IndieGameStand deal. The promotion proposal didn’t go through the usual process, resulting in BulkyPix not being aware nor validating this promotion. We apologize to [the developers of Standpoint] regarding any harm this issue may have caused.”

[Update]: According to a tweet from publisher BulkyPix, they were also unaware of the IndieGameStand sale.

BulkyPix NEVER agreed to put Standpoint in a $1 deal. We NEVER sought to intentionally harm or abuse Standpoint’s developers.

Indie Haven has approached IndieGameStand for a statement, and will update the story should we receive one.

[Original story]: According to a Reddit post, developer Unruly Attractions did not authorise their game Standpoint to be sold as pay-what-you-want on Indie Game Stand, claiming the game was put up on the site by their publisher Bulkypix.

This follows an alleged legal disagreement with BulkyPix, due to claims the developer has not received any payment for the game since release.

While the developer still encourages people to purchase the game, there is still no guarantee they will be receiving any of the proceeds from it.

“Oh my god…. We didn’t authorise this! We weren’t informed of this… This is my worst nightmare… We’ve been having a legal disagreement with our publisher and were petrified they would do something like this. We’ve seen no money from the game since release (as in they haven’t paid us our cut) and now they’re putting it in a bundle when we complained… This is the worst thing to wake up to


Just a brief update before I more or less clock out for the evening. Lawyers have drafted their termination letter so hopefully that’ll get sent across today. Anyone who wants to buy a copy of the game in this sale: PLEASE DO! Your enjoyment is more important to me than our profits & our legal issues shouldn’t impact you guys. Odds are that we’ll recover enough to make our next project, and that’s all that matters really.”

This comes days after it emerged distributor Desura has failed to pay developers with games on their service, and so continues a worrying trend of developers potentially not being paid for their games.

Indie Haven have approached both Bulkypix and Unreal Attractions for comment on this, and this post will be updated when new information is received.

Source: Reddit

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