Star Conflict, the free-to-play MMO from Star Gem has received a major content update.

Apart from the natural things you get in updates, such as new quests and locations, this update comes with two new alien types and the big feature: Dreadnought class ships.

As the name implies, Dreadnought ships are rather sizable and pack some serious firepower and defence capabilities. Such a process is also costly, requiring a substantial amount of iridium, which is the primal construction element for a building a Dreadnought ship.

There will be three types of Dreadnought ship available. The Maelstrom has strong weaponry, the Liberator has attack drones which target support fleets and the Nemesis craft has sophisticated shield technology.

“The introduction of the Dreadnought class with its sheer size and dominance creates an epic scenario for the intergalactic warfare that Star Conflict players crave”, said Stanislav Scorb, CEO of Star Gem Inc. in a press release “The most powerful corporations have already started building their Dreadnoughts and are almost ready to join the battle, so wait no longer and start the construction of your Dreadnought now and take out the enemy”.

To celebrate this huge update, players can purchase all in-game shop packages at a 50% discount for the next three days. For more information and a full list of update features, visit here.

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