Anyone that’s a fan of anarchic side-scrolling games will be pleased to hear that Switchcars is now coming to Steam Greenlight.

Developed by AltFuture, Switchcars is a chaotic side-scrolling game that tasks players with driving 10 kilometres across a variety of terrain types using a number of different vehicles that they can switch between on-the-fly.

Players can have up to three vehicles in their inventory at a time and they have to use them to get as quickly across the games pixelated landscape as they possibly can.

Of course these vehicles will eventually run out of fuel, crash or even develop flat tires so this is where the games main mechanic of switching vehicles comes into play. Players are given a Just Cause style grappling hook that lets players hook onto and enter vehicles other vehicles they drive past and using this they can swap out broken vehicles for new ones.

A great feature of this is game is the sheer diversity of vehicles to choose from. Players can drive everything from helicopters to trucks and boats to buses and even tanks as they plough through each of the procedurally generated levels.

With over 1,000 vehicles to drive, sail and fly around in Switchcars is one fast-paced indie game worth keeping an eye on. According to the developers, Switchcars will likely release on Steams Early Access programme early 2016 for PC with Mac support possibly following in the future after the games launch.


One-person Developed Switchcars Comes to Steam Greenlight: []

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