All The World’s a Stage – A Review of Plague Road

My overall sense is of a project that has plenty of ambition for its scale, but with a development team that lacked either the resources or the time to fully realize it. The art and writing demonstrate a clear vision and a care for a unified aesthetic that’s rare even amongst indie games, but this effort is undermined as a complete piece in other areas.

Avenging Angel

Being my first experience with Steam’s Early Access program, I didn’t have a very good idea of what I was getting into with Avenging Angel. Jumping headfirst into the game, I knew there would be problems but wa...

Alpha trailer for Acaratus revealed

Medieval steampunk RPG Acaratus is heading to Steam Early Access in February 2016 and developers Nodbrim Interactive are hoping to whet your appetites early with a new alpha trailer:

Review: Ironcast

Ironcast — A walking, mechanical tank (mech) equipped with large weapons and powered by steam. It’s the 1880s and France is attacking England with an army of walking war machines. You are a member of the Bri...