Last night at the Game Awards, Telltale announced they’re making a Batman video game. Predictably, this isn’t going to be an action game like the Arkham or LEGO: Batman series of recent years.

Instead, Telltale’s Batman will be an adventure game similar to the company’s other work. And instead of playing as the titular hero, the game will be more of a character exploration of Bruce Wayne. As Telltale CEO Kevin Bruner says, the game will follow “the complex life and mind of Bruce Wayne, the duality of his own identity, and the struggle of responsibility in saving a city overcome with corruption and villainy.”

Of course, since it was just announced last night, we don’t have any hard details on its release. The game will premiere on consoles, PC/Mac, and mobile, but Telltale hasn’t announced specific platforms. All we know is the game is slated for a 2016 release.

Telltale Games, Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment Announce Game Series based on Batman™ for 2016 [The Telltale Blog]