It seems you might be able to get your undead adventure game fix from a new platform as The Walking Dead could be releasing on the Wii U in the future.

According to a posting on GAME that was originally spotted by Eurogamer, there seems to be pre-order options for a boxed version of the game. Retailing at £29.99, the Wii U version of The Walking Dead will include the GOTY version of Season One as well as Season Two.

Although GAME and Telltale Games have yet to verify if this is an official listing for pre-orders or not the posting currently indicates copies will ship out on October 30th for the Wii U.

If it turns out that they’re releasing TWD on the Wii U then it will be another feather in Telltale’s zombie cap as it’s already available on PC, Mac, last-gen and current consoles as well as a range of mobile and tablet devices.

But that’s not all Telltale Games have coming out this year which is Walking Dead related. They also have a spin off series starring Michonne from the live-action series coming out later this year on PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 60, PC and mobiles later in the year.

Disclosure: A former Indie Haven editor, Nathan Ortega, has recently become the Community Manager for Telltale Games. Nathan no longer works with us here at Indie Haven, and has not done so since taking on this new role.

Telltale’s The Walking Dead Series May Be Coming to Wii U [IGN]

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