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On Episode 28 of The Indie Haven Podcast Laura, Jose and Isaac meet with the lovely Byron Atkinson – Jones to discuss the most interesting and important parts of the week.

We discuss the Indie Haven clone site Act Game YXX, Our GOTY winners, the challenges of Indie Online Multiplayer, Isaac building a Deathstar, Blast ‘Em code and sales stat releases, the importance of polished piracy, the benefits of a AAA background for Indies and the greatest future game crossover in the universe, OctoSurgeon Simulator 2014.

Prepare your ears for an onslaught of awesome information. You can get involved in the podcast by suggesting guests or questions to us on Twitter at @Indie_Haven.

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Laura’s gaming journey began in the 90′s when she was given a SNES by her older brother with Mario paint. From that day video games were all she thought about day or night, be it playing them, designing them, discussing them or writing about them. Why does she want to write about indie games? Because indie devs are awesome and she wants to be their new best friend by telling them how terrible their games are. That’s how it works right? Twitter: @LauraKBuzz Email:

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