Lobster Peterson is Wentworth Miller’s gaming debut, and Yoko Taro wants you to know it.

With bafflingly little having happened during our hiatus, the Indie Haven Podcast crew are forced to rely on Profound Psychological Concepts™ to generate content. So tidy your rooms and prepare to be judged as we discuss HILARIOUS sports footage, fantastic new gameshow ideas, the Bitcoin police and – for those who’d prefer something a bit more ‘on-topic’ – we reflect on how the power dynamic has shifted in recent years as Call of Duty, arguably the most influential game series of the previous console generation, finds itself jumping on a bandwagon that was ostensibly kicked off by an updated ARMA 2 mod.

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Elodie is an Mspaint Goddess, composer, cat mother and Gungan Queen from the UK. Ingredients include an eclectic mix of earnestness and absurdity, along with a dash of irony and a pinch of salt. The result is confounding, to say the least. Follow her on twitter for an occasional glimpse of insight amidst Jar Jar Binks appreciation posts and cat pictures, and search ChemicalWordsmith for her musical exploits.

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