The Indie Haven Podcast brings you an exclusive look at the secret origins of Pokémon lore thanks to a special undersea guest. Elsewhere in the episode, we discuss companies like Ubisoft using Notre-Dame for a cynical PR stunt and compare notes on which AAA developers we’d like to see untethered from their publishers to produce independent work.

That’s all well and good, but there’s an unresolved question hanging in the air: what exactly is going on at the top of Big Ben?

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Indie Haven's resident Good Video Boy™ and creator of Worth Mentioning. Fascinated both by games and the workings of the human mind, and ever seeking out the points where the two intersect. The subjectivity of games makes them a rorschac test of sorts that can often reveal something about the person playing them - and it's those introspective moments that make this medium so magical. Also a regular cast member on the Indie Haven Podcast, where he has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH CROWS, and his pattented Deep Thoughts take the listeners on a journey they'll never forget, no matter how frantically they scratch at their skulls trying to claw the memories out.

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