The National Video Games Arcade in Nottingham, England is hosting its first ever game jam. Run by recent podcast guest and game jam veteran Sean ‘Jump-logo-vectorOxy’ Oxspring, JumpJam challenges developers to make a game focused around jumping, and will be running on March 28 and 29. Developers do not have to be in Nottingham to make a game for the jam, as it is an online event, however roughly 15 developers will be able to work on-site during the day.

The jam is to coincide with the both the NVA’s grand opening, and its first exhibition called “Jump!”. Exploring the history and usage of simple jumping mechanics in both older and newer games, JumpJam is a way for the arcade to get indie developers involved with the exhibition. The best games to come out of the jam will be shown as part of the Jump! exhibition.

It is going to be very exciting to see what becomes of both the NVGA and JumpJam. Nottingham has been building itself up as the UK’s Gaming capital; hosting the GameCity festival each year, The National Video Games Arcade opening up this month as a more permanent celebration of games.

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