It’s just under a week until Jonathan Blow’s first person puzzler The Witness is released, and pre-orders for the long awaited title are now live.

Some people have been making a bit of noise about the fact that The Witness has a price point of $39.99USD for both PC and PS4. I think that’s fine, really.

Blow began development on The Witness way back in 2008, so that’s an eight year investment of time. Then there’s the considerable fortune he’s poured into its development – and that’s not just the money he amassed from sales of Braid.

“I have borrowed a bunch of money to finish The Witness. So I hope when it’s done, some people buy the game.” Blow said to Engadget back in February.

Maybe the fact that the figure has raised a few eyebrows speaks to the idea that we still expect indie games to sell at a lower price point, regardless of their scope. It’s not just me, right? Can I get a witness?

Anyone concerned about getting enough Blow for their buck can take solace in the fact that The Witness reportedly takes around 70 hours to achieve 100 percent completion, provided of course, that you’re up to the challenge.

The Witness launches for PC and PS4 on Jan 26.

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  • I’ve never played a game in all my years that anyone should pay more than $20 for. That said, what the price tag is is totally up to the author/publisher. It will come down if you wait (if it’s actually art the game would be available to everyone for free on a donation basis. Art=thing+culture. If money excludes access then the culture part of this equation only grows smaller. This has been a truism ever since we left behind physical media.)