Have you seen Five Nights at Freddy’s tee shirts made by teenage fans who barely play video games? It’s not even been a year since the first game and we already have a trailer for the fourth game. Madness. Yet this kind of crazy earns my respect. So do the rest of these bonkers trailers!

Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 — Trailer

Scott Cawthon’s home-grown trailers always remind us that one only needs a compelling hook to grab an audience.  As we pointed out earlier this week, Scott takes Freddy home to tell everybody what makes this game different from the previous three. And he does it in such a short time that he can get back to printing money.

Slime Rancher Reveal Trailer

Aww, look at all these cute slimes we get to wrangle into little pens! The on-screen text is a little distracting. But all crimes are forgiven when you hear the cute slime sounds. The charm turns this first-person-suckler into a gushy happy time for somebody needing a palate cleanse from grimdark visuals.

Odallus: The Dark Call — Release Trailer
Out Now

All I see in this trailer is the distilled pure essence of the original Castlevania games. Check out the masterful 8-bit cinematics and clearly telegraphed move sets. This trailer tells me that this game will take me back to 1989, but with the modern wisdom of interlocking environmental systems (a la Spelunky). In short, these gameplay clips tell a technical gamer that this experience is a treat. We also featured this one in our recent Simply Steam Roundup.

Guild of Dungeoneering — Launch Trailer
Out Now

Speaking of games we featured in the Simply Steam Roundup, we just had to give another nod to Guild of Dungeoneering. Oh, I love singalongs! Why they didn’t put the lyrics on-screen for us to actually sing is beyond me. Still, the singer sings about how players both engineer and dive-into dungeons. You could have figured that out by the name, but songs with jolly singers always help; especially when the play experience seems hard to communicate.

1979 Revolution — Steam Greenlight Trailer
Early Fall 2015 (Episode 1)

I’ve wanted to relive the 1979 Revolution of Iran since I first heard it was coming to video games three years ago. Navid Khonsari’s team even revolted against failed Kickstarter campaigns and funding limitations since then. No joke. We discovered they found funding through private investors. This perseverance looks like it pays off in this trailer. It expresses desperate humanity like nothing I’ve seen before in games.